How to Store Food Properly to Keep Pests Out of Your Kitchen

Clean-Up and Storage Tips to Prevent Pests in the Kitchen

Without proper care, your kitchen can become a host to many different kinds of pests. If you want to prevent pests in the kitchen, then you’re going to need to learn some simple clean-up and storage techniques. We’ve put together some pieces of advice to make this a little easier:

Clean Up After Eating

The first thing you can do to keep pests out of your kitchen is to clean up all of the leftover food after you’ve finished eating. Figure out what you plan to put in storage and throw out the rest before it attracts any bugs or rodents. Don’t forget you can also keep pests at bay by taking out the trash on a regular basis.

Use Quality Containers

Storing food properly is a key ingredient in keeping pests out of your kitchen. Whether you store dried goods in your pantry or leftovers in your fridge, you should always purchase high-quality containers. Generic brands are okay, but may not be quite as airtight as the ones produced by well-known companies.

Clean Up Any Crumbs

The truth is that just a small amount of crumbs left on a table or counter can lead to a pest problem. This seems to especially be an issue with ants, which always seem to be lurking right outside and ready to strike. Crumbs are common when putting items in a storage container, so just make sure that you take a look around and give surfaces a quick wipe down.

Label the Containers

If you prefer to keep food that you purchase at the store such as flour, sugar, and cereal in sealed containers, you should make sure that you label them with the expiration date. For leftovers, write down the date you fixed the food or the date that you put the food into the container (which should be the same date, by the way). This will help ensure that you toss out expired food and prevent any pest problems.

Keep Your Sink Clean

A lot of people let their dishes pile up and then wonder why they have little bugs everywhere. No one likes to do dishes, but it’s important to finish them up nightly whenever possible so you can avoid pests. If it’s getting late and you’re exhausted, at least rinse all of the dishes so there’s no more food stuck-on and then wipe everything down.

Skip the Fruit Bowl

We’re not going to lie – fruit bowls are a traditional part of many households because they’re attractive and convenient. Unfortunately, people often tend to let fruit go bad, which may be hidden for days because they’re beneath other pieces of fruit. If you want to prevent pests in the kitchen, either make sure that the fruit is being rotated out on a weekly basis or get rid of the bowl altogether.

Discard Spoiled Food

It should go without saying, but many people neglect to discard spoiled food in a prompt manner, leading to pests in the kitchen. Even if you have food in a high-quality, sealed container, it’s best not to count on odors not getting out, just to be safe. Check expiration dates on a routine basis and throw out any food that goes past or simply looks bad even if it hasn’t reached the date.

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