Why Do Homeowners Need a Wood Destroying Organism Inspection?

If you are in need of quality pest control services in Clearwater and the surrounding areas, you have come to the right place. ProHealth Pest Control offers Residential Pest Control and Commercial Pest Control using the most current equipment and techniques. A big threat to your home can come in the form of small pests. The presence of wood destroying insects in your home or commercial building can cause massive damage and greatly impact its value.

Prior to deciding on purchasing a new home, we encourage homebuyers to secure a wood destroying organism inspection. Home inspections typically only assess the physical structure of the house, but a WDO inspection report will provide a deeper analysis of the inner condition of your home. A WDO inspector will examine from top to bottom for signs of termites and inform homebuyers of conditions conducive to termites infestation through a thorough inspection for wood destroying insects.

With the reliable experience of termite control in Clearwater, ProHealth Pest Control can perform termite inspection, treatment, and prevention for an affordable price that ensures quality service. Homeowners should have complete WDO inspections every one to three years. Homes with previous termite infestations should have annual home inspections.

The Threat Of Wood Destroying Organisms

Wood destroying insects like termites, wood destroying beetles, and carpenter ants are silent invaders that wreak havoc. There are several ways pests can become a living nightmare in your homes. They can contaminate food items.

They can cause severe allergic reactions, carry and transmit diseases, and lead to serious illness or even death. The improper management of pest infestation problems can create enough harm to cause significant and costly repairs. This is why a wood destroying organism inspection is critical to the home-buying process.

Given the severity of structural damage that wood destroying organisms can cause to the house. It is important to hire a licensed specialist from a trusted pest control company to complete WDO inspections. Suppose you are worried about the harmful effects of chemicals from the treatments on the wood destroying insects. In that case, we can use organic pest control to mitigate the problems in your home.

There are many household pests, but homeowners dread termites the most. A termite infestation leads to wood decay and opens your home to unwanted hazards such as slipping through floorboards and collapsing ceiling beams. Wood-destroying organisms can be hard to detect, so it is better to employ a licensed pest control company like us to remove, treat, and control household pests.

If you are anxious about pests in your home or business, you are not alone. Protecting your family, home and property from unwanted pests and damage should be a top priority. Safeguard your home and find out exactly what you are getting into with a qualified wood destroying organism inspection. Call ProHealth Pest Control and let our residential pest control experts help you!