Prohealth Semi-Annual Organic Preventative Pest Control Service.

Prohealth knows that you want a pest-free home and wants to help you save money on natural and organic pest control services. We want to make it convenient to treat your home with effective and affordable pest control services so you have the peace of mind that your family is protected from pests with organic pest control that is safer for children, pets and the whole family. Call us now for your free quote!

Organic Pest Control Services Keep Your Family Safer

Prohealth Pest ControlAccording to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), thousands of people and pets are poisoned by pesticides that are overused, misused and even used as directed each year.  Pets and children are more at risk for poisoning by pesticides because they both spend time and play with toys on the floor.  The toxic chemicals in many pesticides can be dangerous and long-term use has been linked to serious health risks. According to a 1993 report by the National Academies, “depending on dose, some pesticides can cause a range of adverse effects on human health, including cancer, acute and chronic injury to the nervous system, lung damage, reproductive dysfunction and possibly dysfunction of the endocrine and immune system.”  All of our products are completely organic and safer for your whole family.  We offer powerful pest control with no dangerous chemicals or risk to your children or pets.

Organic Preventative Pest Control Services Prohealth Pest Control Offers

Since no two homes or their pest control issues are the same, we offer a thorough inspection of your home inside and outside. Then our professional exterminators, who are highly trained and certified to handle all the pest control issues of your home, will give you a customized pest control program and quote that will safely protect your family from dangerous and destructive pests. Prohealth’s professional exterminators are thoroughly educated in safely handling and the proper application of our all natural pest control materials that will eliminate or prevent pests.

We also offer a 100% Guarantee so you always know you will be happy with our services. Some of the preventative pest control services we offer include the following:

Why Preventative Pest Control Services are so Important

There are many health risks associated with common pests including potentially serious illnesses, diseases, and allergies.  By getting preventative pest control measures, you can ensure that your family is not unnecessarily exposed to these threats.  Call us today to schedule your inspection for semi-annual preventative pest control services.  Keep your family protected with effective pest control that is safer for your whole family while saving money!