5 Common Bed Bug Bite Symptoms and How to Prevent Bites

Common bed bug bite symptoms.

Bed bugs are nasty insects that wreak havoc in households across the nation every single year. There’s nothing quite like waking up each morning to discover that these blood-sucking insects have been feasting on you while you were sleeping. This is why bed bug control has become such a hot topic in recent years.

It only takes approximately seven weeks for bed bugs to reach full maturity. To do so, they must feed off the blood of a human or animal, which is why they’re so aggressive in satisfying their hunger. Identifying that you have a bed bug infestation is the first step to dealing with the problem.

Here are five bed bug bite symptoms and how you can prevent them until you have a chance to hire a professional bed bug control service.

5 Common Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

Since bed bugs need to feed in order to grow, it won’t take long before you’re aware of an infestation. The good news and bad news is that most symptoms are quite obvious because they’re so uncomfortable.
Here are the five most common symptoms you’re likely to experience:

  • Red Bumps (often with darker red spot in the middle)
  • Cluster or Line of Bumps
  • Mild to Severe Itching
  • Mild Burning
  • Dried Blood

In addition to these bed bug bite indicators, you might also experience less common issues such as fever, nausea, etc. Even if you do experience these more serious symptoms, though, you’ll probably already be clued into an infestation because of the ones listed above.

How to Prevent Bed Bug Bites

Now that you understand the most common bed bug bite symptoms to keep an eye out for, it’s important that you learn how to prevent bites from happening in the first place. Here are a few effective techniques to prevent these nasty bites:

  • Don’t Disregard Symptoms — Many people will assume that red spots and itching have been caused by something other than bed bugs. Ignoring such obvious symptoms can lead to a worse infestation.
  • Inspect Your Furniture — Bed bugs are most commonly found in your bed but can also be inside couches, sofas, and other similar types of furniture. Be sure to inspect your furniture for dark red or brown spots which will indicate feces.
  • Use a Mattress Cover — A great way to keep bedbugs away from you is to prevent them from entering your bed in the first place. A mattress cover will seal up the bed so that these nasty little insects can’t get inside.
  • Check Luggage After a Trip — Bed bugs love to hitch a ride on your clothing and in your luggage. When you return from a trip, be sure to check your luggage and the clothes inside for any signs of bed bugs.
  • Don’t Forget Your Pets — While we hear about humans having bed bug problems most of the time, they will also go after your pets. Check your pet itself for any red spots and any bedding that he or she sleeps in.

Organic Bed Bug Control

Whenever you’re infested with bed bugs, it is essential that you call a professional right away. Bed bugs can squeeze into very tiny areas that make do-it-yourself methods inadvisable. Bed bug treatments often consist of dangerous chemicals that must be sprayed in every nook and cranny of an infested area because of their ability to hide, which is why organic pest control methods are always better.

Turn to ProHealth Pest Control for Bed Bug Treatment

The expert team of exterminators at ProHealth Pest Control utilizes organic pest control that is effective, safe, and better for the environment. If you’ve been experiencing bed bug bite symptoms or have any other problems, you can get help with bed bug control in Clearwater, residential pest control, and commercial pest control give our professionals a call at (727) 308-3470 or (813) 328-6879.