Why You Should Choose Non-Toxic Pest Control for Your Home

What are the benefits of non-toxic pest control for residential property owners?

Homeowners understand that residential pest control is simply a fact of life. It’s a necessary service that protects your household from food contamination, damaged vegetation, and even disease. Unfortunately, the chemicals associated with extermination have proven to be quite harmful no matter what precautions are taken. This has led homeowners to search for a safer method and in recent years, people are doing exactly that.

Many of today’s homeowners are turning to organic pest control for a variety of reasons, but the primary sticking point is often its lack of toxicity. To give you an idea of why this is becoming such a popular method, let’s explore some of the benefits that you’ll receive from non-toxic pest control techniques.

Non-toxic Pes Control is Better for the Environment

First and foremost, toxic chemicals used for the purposes of pest control are absolutely terrible for the environment. They will seep into the dirt and can harm the nearby ecosystem, damaging plants and harming wildlife. Since pest control involves multiple applications in the same areas, the resulting damage to the environment caused by toxic chemicals can be extensive. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, then organic pest control is your only choice.

Prevent Health Issues

Although exterminators who use chemicals to eliminate pests try to be as careful as possible, there’s a reason why they’re protected by clothing that seems just shy of using a hazmat suit. Any kind of toxic chemicals being sprayed onto surfaces can cause common ailments like skin irritation, eye irritation, headaches, and nausea. Repeated exposure to these chemicals can results in birth defects, genetic disorders, nerve disorders, cancer, and more. Plus, due to the odor of the chemicals, people with respiratory issues can have severe reactions. Non-toxic pest control won’t result in any of these problems.

Safer for Household Pets

As echoed by many households, pets are part of the family, too! They deserve protection from dangerous chemicals, which is another reason why you should always use eco-friendly pest control that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. While it’s true that our furry friends often have stronger stomachs and a higher resistance to certain things that make humans ill, pesticides can cause fevers, vomiting, respiratory issues, seizures, and other issues in our pets. Plus, as an added bonus, organic substances target specific insects, which means you can spray without hurting helpful insects or arachnids.

Non-toxic Pest Control Won’t Damage the Landscape

Despite what you may have been told, pesticides can wreak havoc with a home’s landscaping. As described above, the chemicals can get into the soil and then make their way to vegetation. Even if the process doesn’t kill your plants, it can take them wilt or look otherwise unhealthy. Repeated applications can also damage the surfaces of your home, causing discoloration and possible degradation. The use of non-toxic pest control allows you to get rid of pests without being worried that you might damage the landscape.

Results Will Last Longer

Depending on where you live and a variety of other factors, you’ll want to hire a professional pest control company once or twice a year for routine appointments. Unfortunately, even when pests are eliminated, weather and other elements can bring them back rather quickly. One way that organic pest control helps reduce the chances of resurgence is in the lack of insects building up a resistance. With chemicals, surviving bugs can become resistant to the chemicals and then pass that attribute to their offspring. Organic methods don’t give them that opportunity.

Contact ProHealth for Non-Toxic Pest Control

Non-toxic pest control is the safest and most reliable way to rid your home of harmful insects, arachnids, and rodents. ProHealth Pest Control can provide you with cockroach control, spider control, ant control, termite control, rodent control, and bed bug control in Clearwater, in addition to other pest problems. If you have any questions or would like a free service estimate, call (727) 308-4087 today for a free consultation.