Bed Bugs Can Still Invade Your Home During Winter

There is a common misconception that bed bugs infiltrate living spaces in the summer, spring and fall. Bed bugs will happily move into your home in the winter as well. The bottom line is bed bugs do not emerge from the ground or elsewhere during specific seasons. These nasty creatures certainly detest the winter so they are eager to find a way to your warm home. Bed bug control in Clearwater is necessary if even a single bed bug is in your home.

 Bed Bugs and Cold Weather

The commonly-held notion that bed bugs will avoid homes, hotels, rental units and other spaces in the winter is a mistake. These disgusting critters will not hesitate to find shelter in your home or another nearby indoor space. Though bed bugs dislike low temperatures, they do not look for warmth or protection in nature. Rather, they venture to warm spaces covered by roofs. Every home is vulnerable to bed bugs regardless of the season or geographical location. These bed bugs will have to be handled with residential pest control services if even one bed bug is in your home.

Bed Bugs Want to Stay Warm

A surprising number of people believe bed bugs burrow into the earth, flee for warmer parts of the country or find shelter outdoors when the temperatures drop. The truth is bed bugs seek warmth just like all other living beings. The only reason why bed bugs are supposedly not as active between November and the end of February is the fact that people are unlikely to travel during these cold months. The lack of travel and activity reduces the chances for bed bugs to hitch a ride to a new home, prompting the need for bed bug control.

Bed bugs will latch onto everything from clothing to suitcases to find a new victim and home. A single pregnant bed bug hitching a ride on you can create a full-blown bed bug infestation throughout your home. This is the nightmare scenario that must be avoided at all costs.

Signs Your Home Needs Bed Bug Control

In some cases, homeowners will find out their home has bed bugs by simple observation. Those who know what bed bugs look like can identify these little critters fairly easily. However, most people do not know what bed bugs look like. Furthermore, bed bugs are discrete. They will move around your home with ease. Contact professionals for Clearwater bed bug control as soon as you suspect these bugs are in your home.

Bed bugs will hide on the underside of your mattress, bed frame, furniture, and other spaces, making it difficult for homeowners to know they are actually on-site. Bed bugs typically feed at night, just prior to dawn so most people never actually see one of these critters. If you do not see bed bugs on your bedding, clothing, furniture, or other spaces/items, do not assume bed bug control is unnecessary. You might find small bites along your skin or even diminutive blood stains on your sheets. Most bed bugs bite their victims three times in a row. If you notice any such signs, it is time to contact professionals for an inspection and analysis.

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