If You are Traveling Be Mindful of Bed Bugs

If you plan on hitting the road this year, you should be aware of the bedbug threat.

Traveling provides the opportunity to enjoy enlightening, fun, and informative experiences. For everything good that comes from traveling, there is also plenty of bad. In particular, bed bugs have become a major threat to travelers. The worst case scenario is staying in a hotel with bed bugs and having them find their way into luggage or clothing.

Bed Bug Basics

Bed bugs are a serious threat to you and your Clearwater property. Bed bugs are spreading faster than ever. These annoying pests travel well on clothing as well as suitcases, backpacks, purses etc. The scariest part is you will have no idea you are transporting bed bugs from a hotel to your property.

Fight Back Against Bed Bugs

There are certain things you can do to reduce the chances of bed bugs latching onto you or your bags/clothes and invading your Clearwater home. Do not assume a 5-star hotel is clean. Even a hotel room that appears spotless might have bed bugs lurking on the bed frame, below the mattress, on the furniture or elsewhere.

Do not unpack anything until you take a close look beneath the mattress. Look all around the headboards as well. Though you might not spot a bed bug, you might find their feces stains and blood stains. These are the markings bed bugs typically leave behind. Bed bugs are not picky in the slightest. They will cling to any host that offers a food source.

Your best course of action upon entering the hotel room is to leave all of your possessions in your bags. Place the bags on the table as opposed to the carpet or bed. As noted above, it is prudent to look over the room, especially the bedding, for bed bugs. If you are suspicious bed bugs are in the hotel room, request a new room.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Infiltrating Your Living Space

There is a chance you will transport bed bugs back to Clearwater following your vacation. If you have a teen in college, he or she might also bring bed bugs back as well. You can prevent this nightmare by unpacking everything immediately upon arrival and washing all of the clothes and bedding in hot water.

The next step is to grab a vacuum and perform a thorough cleaning of your luggage. This cleaning should be performed inside and out before suitcases and bags are put away for storage. Take the extra step of using a flashlight to analyze the nooks and crannies of all your bags just to be sure no bed bugs or other pests are present.

Bed Bugs are Sneaky

Bed bugs are quite the covert travelers. They will slip right into a coat pocket, crawl into a hoodie, settle into pant legs, and find just about every other way to hitch a ride back to your home. If you have even the slightest hesitation your home might have bed bugs or if you have seen a bed bug, contact Clearwater bed bug control professionals right away.

Contact Prohealth Pest Control for a No-cost Consultation

Your home might have bed bugs or other types of pests and you might not even know it. Prohealth Pest Control is here to eliminate the threat and return your living space to normal. Our bed bug control service in Clearwater is the best in the business.

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