Common Places Wasps Will Build Nests

Where Do Wasps Build Nests? 

Most people are afraid of wasps, and for good reason. A single sting is extremely painful and can be deadly if you happen to be allergic. Plus, unlike bees, which you can typically just leave alone and cohabitate with, wasps are quite territorial at times. If you irritate one, you could have a very angry wasp on your hands, and no one wants that.

If you want to remove wasps from your property, you’re going to need to learn where to find them. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common places where wasps build their nests.

Eaves and Overhangs

Two of the most common places for wasps to build their nests are beneath a home’s eaves and under overhangs. This is very advantageous for a wasp nest because these areas provide protection from the elements and, in some situations, may guard against predators. Because of where they’re located, these nests may go unseen for a very long time, especially if they’re on the side of a house or under a porch.

Trees and Bushes

Trees and bushes are also common places for certain types of wasps to build their nests. Trees are an especially good location because tree branches provide a solid support structure for the nest. Bushes are good, though, because they can be constructed deep inside, away from prying eyes. The biggest problem with these locations is that finding the nest can be difficult because they’ll blend in to the environment.

Where Do Wasps Build Nests?- Attics and Crawl Spaces

Discovering that you have a wasp nest inside your home is a very scary thing. Unfortunately, this is something that can definitely happen because wasps will enter through small gaps or cracks in your attic or crawl space. Since these areas are frequently ignored by homeowners, a nest may be able to grow quite large before it’s discovered. If you see wasps buzzing around without an obvious nest nearby, these interior areas are where you should look.

Between Walls

Wasps love to build a nest inside a building’s wall voids, which are the spaces between the walls. This is because they’re out of the way and protected from the elements and predators. They’re also hidden from view and can be difficult to access.

Removing the nest can be especially tricky, even for a professional. Luckily, a trained pest control company will be able to get the job done without endangering anyone.

Where Do Wasps Build Nests? – Sheds and Garages

Wasps will build their nest in any type of structure they can, no matter the size. It’s very common for them to construct a nest inside a garden shed or outside a garage. The nest will often be attached to the outside, but if they find an opening, they’ll build the nest inside the structure. Sheds and garages offer a lot of protection, but given their size, you can usually seal them up quite easily.

Underground Nests

Certain species of wasps will actually construct their nests underground. These nests often are located in an abandoned rodent burrow, a small hole that’s been dug by an animal, or another similar underground structure. Given their location, these nests are very often hidden by vegetation, which means you could have a wasp nest right outside your home and not know it for weeks or months.

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