8 Tips for Termite Prevention to Protect Your Office Building

Protect your office from termites with these tips.

Many people seem to think termites are only a problem with residential properties because it’s more common to hear about a home being infested. In truth, termite damage to a commercial property can cost a business owner thousands of dollars and even a temporary shutdown of the facility to make repairs.

Luckily, with basic maintenance, you can avoid a termite infestation or take care of one before it causes too much damage. Today, we’re going to give you eight simple termite prevention tips for your office building.

Trim the Landscape

Any dense vegetation such as shrubs or plants are attractive to termites. This especially goes for gardens set up near a business. If you don’t take the time to keep the landscape trimmed, then you’re more likely to have a termite problem. The best plan of action is to schedule a weekly landscape crew to take care of it.

Eliminate Outside Water Sources

Like most other pests, termites are attracted to water sources. In fact, in order for a termite colony to thrive, they create mud tubes that allow them to move from where they’re eating to a water source and back again. If you have any water structures outside or areas with standing water following rain, you’ll need to tend to these areas as part of your landscape maintenance.

Treat/Remove Trees When Infested

A big part of preventing termites from entering your office building is to give them less food to eat. It will come as no surprise that dead tree stumps are especially attractive to termites. It’s best to remove tree stumps as soon as possible. If you have any trees that have become infested, you’ll want to either remove these as well or get them treated.

Construct with Termite-Proof Wood Although termites can find a food source on the outskirts of your property, the true goal is to gain access to the main structure. If you’re constructing a new building or conducting a huge renovation, you can avoid termites with the use of termite-proof wood. This material is treated with chemicals to repel termites, but you must still take other preventative measures because it’s meant as added protection and not a 100% cure.

Restrict Entry to the Building Like other pests, termites can enter your office building through a variety of entry points such as damaged edges around doors and windows. These wood-eating creatures are also known for using crawl spaces to get deeper inside. To keep that from happening, repair damaged entry points with caulk, spray foam, or weather stripping.

Schedule Annual Termite Inspections The best way to ensure termite prevention is to schedule an annual inspection with a licensed and experienced pest control company. During the termite inspection, a pest control professional will examine the property and look for any signs of an infestation. If any are found, he or she will provide you with a detailed elimination plan.

Know the Signs of a Termite Presence

Learning the signs of a termite infestation will help you avoid larger problems. What you want to look for is the presence of damaged wood, mud tubes, wood shavings, frass (feces that looks like sawdust), and wings. If you notice any of these common termite warning signs, then it’s time to call the help of a professional.

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