Tentless Termite Treatment: How does it Work?

What is tentless termite treatment?

Termites are one of the worst insects to discover in your home because of the immense amount of damage they can cause if left untreated. Even a small amount of drywood or subterranean termites can quickly become an overwhelming termite infestation.

The good news is if you’re looking for an effective termite treatment method, you have a few different options. Today, we’re to discuss why a tentless termite treatment has become one of the most popular choices for homeowners across the nation.

Tentless Termite Treatment Procedure

Although there are a few different treatment options to eliminate these wood-eating creatures, tentless termite treatment has proven to be a great alternative to fumigating your home. To get rid of termites using this specific type of treatment, there are five steps involved:

  • Step 1 — The areas where termites have been detected are treated with a natural, liquid solution.
  • Step 2 — Termites come into contact with the treated areas and unknowingly pick up some of the substance.
  • Step 3 — Over a short period of time, these workers will distribute the solution to the rest of the colony.
  • Step 4 — With more termites infected, the solution will eventually make its way to the colony’s queen.
  • Step 5 — During this process, the solution will kill the queen and all affected termites, eradicating the colony.

Benefits of Tentless Termite Treatment

In the past, most homeowners would turn to tent fumigation to effectively remove termites from their property. Although this is an effective treatment, it can be somewhat disruptive to your household. Here are a few benefits of choosing tentless termite treatment instead:

  • Not Harmful to the Environment — The liquid solution used to treat your home and get rid of termites is environmentally friendly. This means that it won’t be detrimental to the environment.
  • No Need to Stay Away from Home — With a tent fumigation, you must leave your home for a few days. The tent-less method is non-toxic, so there’s no way to go anywhere.
  • No Need to Remove Any Items — Since a fumigation leaves behind a residue, certain items would need to be removed. With only natural substances involved, you can leave the home as-is.
  • Won’t Disrupt Your Home in Any Way — Fumigations are time-consuming and will typically disrupt your household for a few days. The tent-less method, on the other hand, isn’t obtrusive at all.

Signs That Your Home Has Termites

The first step in eliminating a termite problem is determining whether you have one in the first place. With a keen eye and a small amount of dedication, you can easily discover a potential or existing termite infestation.

Here are the signs to look out for:

  • Wood Shavings — As you might expect, termites leave behind piles of wood shavings as they ingest parts of your home. Even if you only see a small amount, don’t hesitate to call a professional right away.
  • Termite Feces — Another very common clue that you have termites is the existence of termite feces, which is referred to as frass. Piles of frass will resemble wood shavings or make look like sawdust.
  • Mud Tubes — Just as the name implies, these “tubes” are constructed of packed dirt. They’re built by subterranean termites and used to protect the termites and as a conduit between food sources and the termites’ nest.
  • Swarmers/Wings — An obvious sign of a termite presence is seeing swarmers (winged termites) gathering together. If you don’t see any of these insects themselves, you may see wings that have been discarded as the termites grow.
  • Hollow Wood — The initial effect of wood being devoured by termites is a series of hollowed-out areas around your home. If you knock on the wood and it sounds hollow, this is a good indication that you have a problem.
  • Paint Issues — You may already be aware that bubbling or peeling paint is a common sign of water damage in your walls. It turns out that this can also be a sign of termites, so make sure to look for the other items on this list if you notice either issue.

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