Why It is Important to Schedule a Pest Control Inspection During the Summer?

Why is it important to schedule regular pest control during the summer season?

Many look forward to the summer as the warm weather allow them more opportunities for outdoor activities. However, beyond all the fun and excitement lie a common problem that property owners face—pest infestations. Summer is known as the pest season due to food availability and increased moisture during this time of the year.

In the spring, you may already see an influx of common pests lingering around your area. As such, during this time, it is extremely important to stay on top of your pest control measures. To start, you should schedule a professional pest control inspection to keep your property protected.

Why are Pests More Active in the Summer?

You might notice pest activity to be higher than usual during the summer because the conditions are favorable for pests to thrive during this time.

Here are a few reasons why:

●      Warm Temperature

Generally, pests are more active in the summer since there is more moisture and they can find more food sources. While Florida has warm weather all year round, the temperatures peak in the summer. You can expect more mosquitoes, termites, ants, and stinging insects roaming around your property as the season approaches.

●      Outdoor Activities

People often spend time outside and go on vacation during the summer. Pests take advantage of this by infesting your home or property while no one is around. This behavior is prevalent among fleas, bed bugs, and mosquitoes.

●      Life Cycles

Pests are naturally cold-blooded, so they cannot regulate their internal body temperature. Due to this characteristic, they stay dormant in the cold weather and actively reproduce in the warmer months—particularly in the summer. They grow and multiply quickly to ensure their colony survives during this time.

Overall, pests love the summertime, so they take every opportunity to scour for food and water at this time of the year. Beyond the common cockroaches, ants, flies, and termites, other pests that often come out in the summer include bees, wasps, scorpions, and crickets.

Why Schedule a Pest Control Inspection in the Summer

With more pests out and about in the summer, you must schedule a pest control inspection early to assess your home or business office.

Property owners often only call the experts or take action when they already have a pest infestation. However, this should not be the case, and instead, you should be proactive and schedule pest control services early. With a professional pest control inspection, you can assess the pest situation on your property and implement necessary measures immediately.

More specifically, here are the main reasons you should schedule an inspection in the summer:

Protect Your Property’s Structure

Ants, termites, rodents, and other common pests can cause severe structural damage to your property if you leave them be. According to the National Pest Management Association, it costs around $5 billion annually to manage and treat damage from termites alone.

Avoid Stress and a Hassle

Don’t let pests ruin your summer fun and enjoyment. By scheduling a pest control inspection with the experts, you can impose the proper control measures. This way, you avoid the stress and hassle of dealing with the aftermath of an infestation.

Prevent Health Problems

Pests can pose major health risks for anyone living on your property. For example, indoor pests like cockroaches can trigger allergies and asthma, while others may carry serious diseases. It is essential to call pest control experts to check your home or office since you never know if you may already have a pest problem.

Keep Your Property Safe and Protected in the Summer with a Pest Control Inspection

Before you spend time in the outdoors or go on a vacation in the summer, make sure to start the season right with a pest control inspection. You never know what pests may be lurking in your property, so the best way to check this will be to call the pest control experts.

Here at ProHealth Pest Control, we provide a wide range of pest control services to keep your home or business safe and protected from any summer pest. Whether you need residential or commercial services, our team has you covered. Contact us today at 727-888-6253 to get started with a free pest control consultation.