7 Signs of Rodents in Your Attic

7 Signs You May Have Rodents in Your Attic 

Rodents are a real menace to households and businesses all across the country. Not only are they capable of contaminating food and causing structural damage, they also carry dangerous diseases.

Even though many homeowners think of rats as getting into their basements and garages, these nasty critters can also get into your attic. Today, we’re going to go over seven signs that your attic may have rodents and how to get rid of them.

Actual Sighting

The most common warning sign that you have rodents in your attic is when you actually see one. What you should keep in mind, though, is that rodents typically don’t come alone. If you see one mouse or rat, you most likely have at least a few others. You need to act fast before a full-on infestation occurs.

Urine & Droppings

Rodents don’t care where they relieve themselves. This means you could find rodent urine or droppings just about anywhere in your home. Cleaning up after rodents must be done very carefully and always with a mask because their urine and feces can spread the hantavirus.

Chewed-Up Stuff

Mice and rats love to chew on things. They’ll chew through cardboard, wood, clothing, plastic, and even electrical wires. Chewing through wires can be especially dangerous because it could cause severe damage to an electronic component and possibly spark an electrical fire. If you find boxes in your attic that have been chewed on, you probably have a rodent problem.

Gnawed Holes

Even if rodents don’t do a lot of chewing inside your home, they need an entry point to get in. That means they’ll need to chew a hole through the exterior. What often happens is that a rodent will find a small hole that already exists and use their incisors to make it bigger so that they can fit through. This is tougher for rats, so the nod holes will be more noticeable.

Scratching Sounds

Rodents love to get inside your walls and move around. Since they’re nocturnal, they’re more active at night. There are also insects that can move around inside your walls, but they’re usually less obvious than rodents since they’re much smaller. Scratching sounds are also more likely to be heard when you have rats than mice, based on their size.

Oily Marks on the Walls

Rodents like rats and mice are constantly in contact with filth. This causes oils to build up on their fur. As they move through the walls of your attic, they leave some of this oil behind.

Of course, you’re not likely to see this oily substance unless you actually look inside the walls themselves. But if you’re doing any repairs or there’s been any damage to the walls, you definitely could notice.

Strange Pet Behavior

It’s amazing what animals are able to detect that humans cannot. If your dog or cat starts acting erratically or sniffs in places where it usually doesn’t, it’s possible that you have rats. This is especially true when it comes to dogs because they have a fantastic sense of smell and will be able to sense rodents in the walls.

How to Get Rid of Rodents in Your Attic

Knowing the common warning signs of rats and mice is obviously important, but you must also learn how to get rid of rodents in your attic.

Here are some quick and easy methods:

  • Place Rat Traps Near Vents — There are a variety of rat traps, both lethal and non-lethal, available. Set a few near the vents and around the attic.
  • Install a Stainless Steel Mesh — Installing a stainless steel mesh over the vent is very helpful. This is because it’s more difficult for rodents to chew through.
  • Install a Vent Guard — You definitely want to install a vent guard on your roof. This is an affordable and durable way to keep animals out.
  • Seal Up Any Entry Points — Rodents turn small holes and gaps into larger entry points. Seal up these areas with caulk, spray foam, or weather-stripping.

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