Why You Should Leave Rodent Pest Control to Professionals

Why you should rely on professionals for rodent pest control.

All forms of eco-friendly pest control are important to the safety and health of homes and businesses. Perhaps the most bothersome of all critters that commonly invade homes and must be stopped at all costs are rodents.

Due to severe changes in weather that Florida often experiences, mice and rats will often try to get inside your property. Since this is such an important topic, we’re going to take a look at why rodent pest control should always be left to the professionals.

Rodents Can Reproduce Quickly

A big reason why rodent pest control should be handled by professionals is due to the fact that rodents can quickly reproduce. Their gestation period is just over a few weeks, which means that two or three can turn into a dozen or more before you know it. Professionals will make sure your property is completely clear of pests through the use of thorough examinations, traps, and treatments. These tactics will help to avoid a future infestation.

Professionals Have the Required Equipment

Getting rid of rodents is typically more difficult than just setting up a few traps around the house, especially if it’s already become a full-on infestation. Professionals possess all the equipment needed to rid your house of these pesky critters. These tools include investigation equipment, traps, and treatment applicators. Plus, this means they’ll be able to complete the job quickly and thoroughly.

Professionals Have Rodent Control Experience

Anyone who has ever attempted rodent control on their own knows it can be a harrowing experience. Maybe they aren’t tempted by the traps? Perhaps you hear them scratching around at night and can’t figure out exactly where they are? Maybe you get rid of some of them only to find another one pop up a few days later? Professionals have years of experience in dealing with any kind of rodent problem safely and efficiently, so you can rest easy.

Rodents Carry Disease

One of the main reasons rodent pest control should be completed by a professional is that having rats and mice in your house can be extremely dangerous to your health. Rodents can carry several different diseases such as the hantavirus, leptospirosis, tularemia, and salmonella. By enlisting the help of professionals, you’ll reduce your potential exposure.

Exterminators Know What Clues to Look For

If you don’t have a lot of contact with rodents, which many people do not, you might not recognize some of the signs that they’ve invaded your home or business. This may include anything from chewed-up furniture and scratching noises to urine and feces. Professionals are able to identify the signs of an infestation and work to correct the problem fast.

Rodents Can Cause Extensive Damage

When left unchecked, rodents can chew through walls, cabinets, and nearly anything else. This is often in search of food, and any food they come in contact with will need to be thrown away. Perhaps the biggest danger, though, is that both mice and rats have been known to chew through electrical wires, including those in a vehicle’s engine. These situations can lead to costly repairs and present a potential fire hazard.

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