Tips to Organically Repel Pests from Your Property

How to organically repel pests from your home or building.

Pests like mice, ants, cockroaches, and termites make it impossible to fully enjoy your property. With the help of services like commercial pest control and residential pest control, property owners can successfully clear their homes of unwanted invaders. However, it is best to prevent pests from entering your property before they cause a major infestation.

If the long-term health and safety of the people and animals on your property is a priority, organic pest control methods can help you repel pests with minimal impact.

Use these tips to organically repel pests without using harsh chemicals.

Herbs That Naturally Repel Pests

Your first stop in the quest to clear your home of pests is your spice cabinet. Common herbs can be used to form a protective barrier that insects and vermin will choose to avoid.

  • The pungent odor of bay leaves keeps cockroaches, earwigs, moths, and mosquitoes away.
  • Take a little catnip from your cat’s treat bag to shoo away cockroaches in your indoor space. Rub a little on exposed skin to make mosquitoes pass you by for easier prey.
  • Fresh basil causes bugs to withdraw quickly. Plant some around your home or place potted plants in problem areas for fast relief.
  • Cinnamon is another strongly scented herb that makes ants and other creepy crawlers head out of your area.
  • They aren’t vampires, but mosquitoes react to garlic powder in a similar way. Sprinkle it around the windows and doors of your home to make blood-sucking insects disappear.

These remedies work best when placed directly in the path of invaders. Kick up the power of any of these herbs with a few sprinkles of rosemary. For dried herbs, be sure to replenish your defenses periodically to ensure continued repelling action.

Oils That Prevent Infestations

If herbs are too messy for your tastes, essential oils are just as effective. These concentrated liquids also work longer without a refresh, as they contain more active compounds per part than fresh or dried plants.

  • Biting bugs and other insects can’t stand the strong spiciness of peppermint. Use peppermint oil to chase insects out of your home while giving it a fresh fragrance.
  • Tea tree oil, otherwise known as melaleuca, has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that make it a great addition to your household cleaning routine. As a bonus, bugs will consistently pass by the treated areas.
  • Citrus oils are another densely scented option to repel pests. If you don’t have a lemon, orange, or grapefruit oils on hand, place the peels in areas that show signs of bug activity to encourage spiders and other crawlers to find a new home.
  • Eucalyptus oil is one of the strongest ways to repel pests naturally. This remedy works best against winged invaders like house flies and mosquitoes.</li.Sprinkle the oil where it is needed or use an oil burner to diffuse the scent throughout your home.

    Other Tips to Control Indoor Pests

    • Woods like rue and cedar are naturally resistant to most types of indoor pests.
    • A light dusting of baby powder around the perimeter of your building keeps wasps and bees out of your space.
    • Skip fruit or flower-scented products that attract pollen-loving critters.
    • Mix coconut into your daily moisturizer to shield yourself from fleas and mosquitoes.
    • Plant marigolds in your garden to defend your veggies from aphids, hornworms, and spider mites.

    Repel Pests Without Sacrificing Your Health and Happiness

    Organic pest control drives pests out while safeguarding the health of those who inhabit your buildings. Prohealth Pest Control offers organic pest control options for residential and commercial properties in the Clearwater area. Call us at 727-308-4129 to schedule a professional assessment for your property.