Why You Should Consider Prohealth’s Organic Pest Control Solutions

Organic pest control will keep you, your family, and your pets safer while eliminating those annoying pests.

Nowadays, organic and green pest control solutions are desired by customers. Goods and services such as organic vegetables at the market to green junk hauling and all natural cleaning products are becoming more popular. As the push toward environmentally-conscious behaviors strengthens, the demand for organic pest control solutions will continue to increase. At Prohealth Pest Control, have gone to great lengths to create a clean and green organic pest control product that successfully treats properties of all kinds. Whether you own a business, home, or other property in, our Clearwater organic pest control solutions will make your property that much more enjoyable.

The Green Pest Control Service You Have Been Looking For

Rely on our pest control program and your property will be treated in an environmentally-friendly manner. This green approach is highly effective for treating everything from roaches to ants, spiders, and bugs of other types. This is no small feat considering Clearwater’s sub-tropical climate. Our warm temperatures last for most of the year, attracting all sorts of insects looking for a comfortable space to live and reproduce.

Green Pest Control

There has been a clear transition away from the traditional approach to insect extermination toward a new, greener school of thought. This fresh approach is focused on preserving the integrity of the environment, keeping everyone on the property safer and healthy, preventing damage to the land, and eliminating those pesky pests.

Why Organic Matters in the Context of Pest Control Treatments

The Natural Resources Defense Council states thousands of individuals and their furry friends are poisoned by pesticides every year. Kids and pets are especially susceptible to the toxic chemicals in pesticides. The long-term exposure to these treatments is linked to substantial health risks. A 1993 National Academies report states pesticides can cause cancer, nervous system damage, reproductive dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, lung damage, and an array of other health issues.

Instead of using pest control sprays and solutions laden with potentially harmful chemicals, our team has an array of green solutions that will keep you and your property safer. We literally have toolboxes full of options that are free of those chemicals every Clearwater property owner wants to avoid. Our team makes use of everything from botanical extracts to diatomaceous earth, boric acid, baits, and beyond.

So do not assume any old pest control solution will suffice. Rely on our proven green pest removal method and you will enjoy a pest-free Clearwater property without having to worry about whether the treatment will threaten the condition of your surroundings or your loved ones.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About our Clearwater Organic Pest Control Services

Reach out to us today and learn about our array of pest control services. We will explain how they meet your green needs and solve your pest problem. We will do our best to limit the extent of the application to areas where the bugs are most likely to traverse.