Office Pest Control: Pests You May Find in Your Office Building

Office pest control is vital to the health and safety of your employees and customers.

When people discuss annoying, unhealthy, or even dangerous pests, they’re typically referring to small creatures that are found inside homes. It’s important to note, however, that as important as residential pest control has become, it’s just as important that office buildings concentrate on commercial pest control solutions.

Whether your office building is experiencing a small pest problem or a full-on infestation, it’s your responsibility to remove these pests as quickly as possible for the sake of your employees and customers. To help you understand what you may be facing and why professional pest control is essential for your business, let’s focus on a few of the most common pests that will make office pest control necessary.


Few pests make commercial pest control services a necessity quite like cockroaches. These disgusting insects carry filth and disease everywhere they go. Cockroaches contaminate everything they touch and will quickly multiply if the problem isn’t handled right away. Routine extermination of these pests is a must for businesses.


Although spiders can be beneficial because, as a whole, they eat billions of insects every year, an infestation can be a real problem in office buildings. If they become commonplace, customers may shy away from your place of business. Another big concern is the presence of black widows, which have a dangerous, excruciating bite. if you see any of these particular arachnids around, then you should contact a pest control professional for spider control services.


Commercial pest control in office buildings is often necessary because of the tiny little creatures known as ants. While not typically seen as an especially dirty insect, ants can become a real nuisance, especially once they’ve invaded your kitchen or found their way to food in your break room. Perhaps the biggest problem with ants is that where there’s one, there could be hundreds or thousands very soon.


If there’s one pest on this list that rivals the contamination and disgust factors of cockroaches, then it’s rats and mice that get inside your commercial property. Rodents chew through walls and can even bring disease along with them, which makes their immediate removal an absolute necessity. They may even chew through wires and create a fire hazard.

Bed Bugs

Even though these blood-sucking insects are often seen as a household problem, bed bug control is necessary in many office buildings. They will hide in office furniture and then try to hitch a ride with employees or customers so they can create an infestation at their homes. You may even find bed bugs hiding in your walls and other locations around the property.


They may not be the most disgusting insects around, in large part because you often don’t see them, but termites are especially dangerous for business owners. This is because they will feed on any wood on your commercial property and cause severe damage if left unchecked. If you have even an inkling that termite control is necessary, you should act right away.


Despite the name, houseflies are a real nuisance in office buildings, too. They are an annoyance for customers and workers alike, and will often lay eggs inside your trash, leaving you with the problem of maggots and then more flies. If your building has more than one or two at a time, visitors may think that your company is unsanitary.


These insects bring in the same types of contaminants as other insects, but they bring in an extra annoyance – noise! These master ventriloquists will drive workers crazy trying to find the source of the sound, immediately clamming up when they hear you get close.

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