Lovebug Control: How Lovebugs Are Removed From Your Property

Lovebug control is more important than you may think…

Despite their name, no one loves lovebugs. These tiny flies can form big swarms that clog up your car, ruin your vegetation, and invade interior spaces. It sometimes seems like there’s no defense against this migrating menace. However, with the right help from a commercial pest control and residential pest control team, these critters can be successfully removed from your property.

What can you expect from professional lovebug control services? Here’s a sneak peek into how lovebug control experts free your home, vehicle, and life from clouds of invasive lovebugs.

The Benefits of Lovebug Control

Lovebugs are related to the common housefly. The name comes from their mating habits. When these tiny black and red bugs find a mate, they attach themselves to each other. Lovebugs then spend the majority of their brief existence flying in tandem with their chosen life mate.

Spring and late summer are the most common times to encounter lovebugs in the Clearwater, Florida area. Since female lovebugs have a lifespan of just three to six days, these infestations tend to clear up on their own rapidly. However, there are some important benefits to working with experts on your Clearwater, Florida pest control problem.

  • A single female lays between 200 and 300 eggs at a time. Even with their short lifespans, this rate of reproduction means it could take you weeks to get rid of an infestation on your own.
  • Lovebugs do more than mar your windshield. Too many can gunk up delicate engine parts and disrupt the proper function of important components. If left on the exterior for too long, lovebugs can damage your paint job as they decay.
  • Heat and moisture make the perfect environment for lovebugs. That means your enclosed garden, patio, or garage could become a breeding ground. If left untreated, they can take over your entire indoor space.

Lovebugs don’t bite or directly cause harm to humans. However, quick removal does increase the comfort and safety of your interior spaces.

3 Steps to Professional Love Bug Control

So, what can you expect when a lovebug control team visits your home? These basic steps help technicians remove, control, and prevent lovebug infestations in your home and vehicle.

  • Controlling visible bugs instantly restores comfort and protects exterior finishes from the corrosive effects of decaying bug bodies. Technicians use a variety of natural and chemical solutions to remove the bugs you already see.
  • Female lovebugs leave their eggs everywhere. After extinguishing mature populations, lovebug control specialists use their specialized knowledge to kill off larvae before they can hatch.
  • Preventing the return of lovebugs is a crucial step in infestation control. Technicians will point out trouble areas in your home and suggest ways to make them less appealing to future colonies. Traps and other measures may be used to prolong the property owner’s relief.

One of the biggest advantages to professional lovebug control is the lack of clean up. Let the experts chase down the dead bugs while you enjoy your pest-free property.

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