Is there a “Bed Bug Season” What Should You do to Prepare for it?

When are your chances of encountering bed bugs highest throughout the year?

Just the thought of bugs crawling on your skin at night is enough to make any person squeamish and creeped out. Bed bugs, however, go a step further by feeding on your blood as you sleep. This makes them one of the worst insect infestations to experience.

Some insects are seasonal in the way they behave. Many homeowners wonder if there’s an actual bed bug season at some point during the year. We’re going to briefly touch on that and then give you some tips on how to prevent their intrusion into your home.

Identifying When the Bed Bug Season Occurs

If there is a bed bug season, then it’s definitely over the summer. That’s because these insects prefer the warmer weather, which is somewhat ironic given the fact that the best way to eliminate them is with organic options or a bed bug heat treatment. Another reason why summer is generally considered the bed bug season is because people tend to travel more, which increases the likelihood that they’ll be carried from one place to another and start an infestation. That being said, bed bugs can be found all year, so it’s best not to let your guard down.

How to Prepare and Protect Your Household

Regardless of the existence of a bed bug season or not, preparing and protecting your household against these creatures should be on everyone’s to-do list.

Learn the Telltale Signs of Bed Bugs

In case bed bugs have already arrived in your home, you need to know the signs to watch out for. The most obvious will be waking up with one or more red, itchy spots somewhere on your skin. The other biggest sign of bed bugs is the appearance of reddish-brown spots in your furniture or on your sheets, which is their feces.

Inspect Used Clothing and Furniture

Purchasing used clothing and furniture is a great way to save money, but these items are often where bed bugs like to hide. If you purchase a piece of used furniture, make sure you inspect it before bringing it into your home. As for clothing, wash all clothes in hot water just to be safe.

Hire a Professional If Signs Are Found

If you do find signs of their presence, then it’s time to call a professional who handles bed bug control. The best type to choose is a company that utilizes organic pest control as part of their services. As for these insects in particular, a bed bug treatment that uses heat is the best strategy.

Check Your Hotel Room When Traveling

A lot of people aren’t traveling right now because of the ongoing pandemic, but if you do, be sure to thoroughly inspect your hotel room as soon as you arrive. Just keep in mind that it isn’t too difficult for bed bugs to move from room to room. So, if you do find any, it’s your choice whether to change rooms or go to a different hotel.

Wash Clothes in Hot Water After a Trip

No matter how careful you were throughout your trip, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Bed bugs could be lurking in your clothing and you simply might not notice. The safe thing to do his to wash all of your clothes in hot water as soon as you returned. This will kill any that have latched on and come home with you.

Prohealth Will Eliminate Your Bed Bugs

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