How to Prevent Moths from Infesting Your Property

How to prevent moths on your property.

We’re just going to come out and say it – moths are not common pests’ homeowners think of. That’s why they often don’t get any attention from many homeowners. Mention cockroaches or bed bugs and homeowners get nervous but start talking about moths and most people won’t feel the same level of fear or dread.

Moths may not suck your blood or carry a life-threatening disease, but they will eat through your clothing and contaminate your food. In fact, a full-on infestation of these winged insects can become quite costly. This is why we’re going to focus today’s discussion on how to prevent moths from infesting your property.

Keep a Clean Home on a Regular Basis

Moths are attracted to dust and dirt in your home, so it’s definitely best you keep your home tidy. The most effective way is with the use of a HEPA-equipped vacuum cleaner, which will remove 99.7% of allergens and contaminants from the air. Also, forgo the feather duster and switch to microfiber cloths, which attract and pick up dust instead of spreading it around.

Hang Herbs in Your Closets

Several types of insects are repelled by certain smells, and moths are no different. Pick up some lavender, rosemary, thyme, cloves, and bay leaves. Then, combine those items in a few bags and hang them in the areas where you keep your clothes and food. Using cedar throughout your home will help repel moths, as well.

Place Sticky Traps Around

When you think of the use of sticky traps as a method of getting rid of annoying insects, flies are probably what initially spring to mind. The good news is that they’re also very effective in trapping moths. Spray some moth pheromones on the traps and then they’ll get stuck and eventually die. Once they’re stuck, you can lessen their suffering by spraying them with a mixture of water and dish soap.

Hire a Professional Exterminator

A moth infestation in your home can be quite costly because of the damage that your clothes can sustain from these small insects. If they become a problem, you definitely want to hire a professional exterminator for the job. Experts who have been well-trained in removing these critters from your household will help to greatly mitigate the damage.

Wash or Freeze Items with Moths

If clothing items or other type of belongings show any evidence of moths, including damage where the item can be salvaged, put them in the freezer and leave them there for at least 24 hours. This will make sure that any larvae that are present will be killed off. Then, once the items are out of the freezer, let them sit for an hour or so and wash them in hot water.

Properly Wash and Store Items

If you’re planning to store any items vulnerable to moths for a long period of time, wash them in hot water and allow them to air-dry in sunlight to ensure that there are no eggs or larvae in them. Once they’re dry, store them in plastic containers, a tightly sealed chest, or a sealed suitcase. This will prevent digging into the clothes for the next season and realizing that they’ve been destroyed.

Store Belongings in a Dry Location

Even if your belongings are stored in an airtight container, it’s always best never to take any chances. Moths are attracted to damn, humid surroundings. This means you should avoid areas of your home that may be vulnerable to changes in the weather, such as your basement, garage, and outdoor sheds.

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