How to Keep Mice Away from Your Office Building

How to keep mice away from your commercial property.

In case you’re not aware, pest control in Clearwater is still up and running because our services are seen as essential. Whether or not your building is occupied at the moment, now is the perfect time to get rid of mice, cockroaches, termites, ants, spiders, or any other pests that have invaded your commercial property.

Rodents can become a big problem when there isn’t as much foot traffic in your office, and mice have a special advantage because of their size. Let’s explore why these creatures can be harmful and how to keep mice away from your property while in the middle of a pandemic and beyond.

The Dangers of Mice in Your Building

Mice have always been known as dirty creatures because of the filth they often live in out in the wild, but many people don’t understand some of the ways that they can hurt people and property.

Here’s a quick look at the dangers of having mice in your building:

  • Diseases — In addition to being a host of germs and bacteria, mice are known to spread hantavirus, lymphocytic, choriomeningitis tularemia, and plague. This can be especially dangerous for anyone with a compromised immune system but has the potential to make anyone sick.
  • Gnawing/Chewing — Mice love to gnaw and chew on anything they come into contact with. This can cause damage to walls, cupboards, food containers, cardboard boxes, wiring, and many other items.
  • Fire Hazards — Chewing through items such as cupboards and food containers may cause damage to your office, but gnawing on wires is especially dangerous. At that point, the little rodent has moved from a simple annoyance to a life-threatening fire hazard.
  • Urination — Mice are the absolute worst when it comes to urinating all over the place. Not only is this gross, but it could also cause a slip and fall hazard and possibly even the transmission of a disease.

Hiring a Professional for Commercial Pest Control

Even one or two mice on your property can cause extensive damage if the issue isn’t handled right away. Mice are small and can easily hide, which is why you always want to hire a professional to inspect your property and eliminate the problem. These commercial pest control experts spend years perfecting rodent control and will know the most effective, humane pest control techniques that are available.

Tips on How to Keep Mice Away Between Pro Visits

In addition to hiring a professional exterminator to get rid of mice, it’s important that you take steps to prevent a future invasion. Here are a few simple strategies on how to keep mice away between visits from a pest control professional:

  • Clean Up — Like other pests, mice are attracted to any food that you leave out, whether it’s on your desk or in the break room. Remind your staff to always clean up after themselves.
  • Take Out Trash — Mice will seek out your trash and chew through plastic containers or bags to reach the discarded items. No one likes to take out the garbage, but it’s a necessity if you want to avoid rodents.
  • Plastic Containers — Any leftover food should always be stored in plastic containers to deter rodents and other pests. Yes, mice may be able to chew through the container, but they won’t be able to smell the food so it’s less likely to gain their interest.
  • Seal Holes — Rats often enter through open doorways, but they can also get in through small holes in your foundation or walls. Inspect your property every once in awhile and seal any problems you find.

Prohealth Pest Control Will Eliminate Your Rodent Problem

If you want to learn how to keep mice away from your office building, you should always ask the professionals. Prohealth Pest Control believes in the use of effective, organic pest control methods to eliminate a wide variety of pests and prevent a future infestation. Visit our website or call (727) 308-3470 today for a rodent control appointment in Clearwater and the surrounding areas.