How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Near Your Office Building

The best ways to remove and prevent mosquitoes from invading your commercial property.

Due to their blood-sucking nature and potential of carrying disease, households often concentrate on how to get rid of mosquitoes during certain seasons of the year. People will go to great lengths to avoid becoming victims of these insects, often using daily repellents and other methods to keep them at bay.

It’s important to realize, however, that these insects are also a danger at your place of business, especially if you’re not taking any steps to prevent them. To help ensure that these menaces don’t cause a problem and to assist you in maintaining proper commercial pest control, let’s take a look at a few methods you can use to get rid of mosquitoes near your office building.

Remove Standing Water

Like other insects, mosquitoes are attracted to water sources, which is why you often see them after a heavy rain. This means if you have any standing water around your office building, then they’re more likely to breed and remain around your property for a while. By removing nearby standing water, mosquitoes are less likely to discover your location in the first place or stick around for very long.

Periodically Check for Leaks

Although storms leave sources of water that attract mosquitoes, leaks will also cause problems, especially if they’re not addressed right away. Every month or so, take a quick look around the office and identify any current or potential problem areas. As a do-it-yourself solution for mosquito control, try tightening leaky pipes or replace damaged or corroding pipes yourself.

Schedule Regular Plumbing Services

Since water is such a huge attractant for mosquitoes, one of the best plans of action to prevent an infestation is to schedule routine plumbing services with a professional, licensed plumber or HVAC company. A contractor will thoroughly check all of your pipes and inform you of any that could quickly become a problem. This will allow you to replace the pipes before they begin leaking, which will help keep mosquitoes off your property.

Take Care of Trash Daily

Too many businesses let trash accumulate in their kitchen areas, break rooms, and even outside in the large garbage bins. It doesn’t take long for mosquitoes to begin swarming in these areas, leading to many people getting bitten both day and night. To lessen the problem, be sure that someone is in charge of taking out the trash every single day. If possible, block off the dumpster outside so that mosquitoes are less likely to use the bin as a refuge.

Install a Misting System

For many years, homeowners have been using misting systems to prevent mosquitoes from annoying guests at birthday parties and other celebrations. Businesses have begun to catch on to this trend because it has proven to be quite effective. If you live in an area where mosquito accumulation is common, this could be the perfect solution to keeping these insects away from your property.

Contact ProHealth for Effective Mosquito Control

Learning how to get rid of mosquitoes is a lot easier when you have professionals by your side. At ProHealth Pest Control, our team uses the latest organic pest control techniques to ensure that your business always gets the best care. If you have any questions or would like to receive a no-obligation quote, call (727) 308-2543 today to schedule a no-cost consultation for mosquito control services.