Why You Should Try Eco Friendly Pest Control in 2019

If you have pests in your home, you can have your property treated with traditional chemical-laden sprays or eco friendly pest control solutions. There are numerous merits to taking the eco friendly approach. Aside from preserving our ever-fragile planet, eco friendly pest control services will keep your living space safer and cleaner for everyone.

Eco Friendly Pest Control is Highly Effective

The average homeowner assumes eco friendly pest control isn’t that much different from regular pest control methods when it comes to eliminating pests for good. However, those who try environmentally friendly pest management solutions realize the better results over the long haul. Consider the fact that insects are now capable of developing a resistance to certain conventional chemical controls.

This resistance does not fade with time, as it is passed to the insects’ offspring and so on. This makes it that much more challenging to eliminate pests with traditional pest control methods. Alternatively, eco friendly pest control gets to the core of the problem so these annoying insects do not return.

Green Pest Control: A Safer and Odorless Solution

Plenty of those who have their home sprayed with traditional pest control solutions complain of a lingering odor. Some find the chemicals in these sprays compromise their health or that of their loved ones or pets. The bottom line is conventional pest removal products will hang in the air long after application. The result is exposure and a lingering scent. You can avoid such odorous and potentially dangerous chemicals by choosing eco friendly residential pest control that is not laden with toxic chemicals.

No Harm to Pets or Beneficial Insects

Eco friendly pest control solutions are carefully designed to ensure there is no threat to your furry friends or even the insects that play a positive role in protecting your home. There are some insects that help your property thrive. Traditional pesticides have toxic chemicals that harm just about every living thing in the vicinity of the spray while the eco friendly methods are targeted applications designed to eliminate specific pests.

Prohealth Pest Control is at Your Service

We are proud to provide eco friendly pest control services. Let us eliminate pests without compromising your living space or your health. Learn more about Prohealth Pest Control by giving us a call today at 727-310-0521. We’ll gladly explain our eco friendly organic pest control and termite control in Clearwater to solve your pest problem today.