Cockroach Infestation Danger: Do Roaches Carry Disease?

Is it true that roaches carry disease?

There are millions of insects in this world, but perhaps none of them get quite as much attention as the cockroach. These nasty insects are a big reason why pest control is so important to home and business owners. Even mentioning this pest’s name conjures forth ideas of disgust, uncleanliness, and… disease.

In fact, that brings up a common question that we’re often asked – do cockroaches carry disease? Is this an unfair assessment or does the fact that roaches are often associated with filth automatically mean that they could get you sick if they invade your home?

Let’s look at a few interesting facts about potential cockroach diseases along with a few general pieces of information about these insects.

Few Species Will Infest Homes

Cockroach infestations are such a huge concern for homeowners that it seems like every single member of the species is trying to get inside your home for food and shelter. The truth is – and brace yourself, please! – that there are more than 4000 species of cockroaches on the planet. Out of those, only a few dozen have a tendency to infest homes. While this may not ease your anxiety, keep in mind that things could be a lot worse.

Cockroaches Are Quite Durable

If you need a better reason for professional cockroach control than the durability of these pests, you probably won’t find one. A lot of people talk about how cockroaches could survive a nuclear winter because they’re not affected by radiation as much as humans are, but it’s the fact that a cockroach can live for two weeks without its head that people should worry about. They can continue to procreate during this time and still produce a huge litter of baby cockroaches.

Roaches Often Trigger Respiratory Issues

Before we begin discussing the question of do roaches carry disease, we should look at the more prevalent problem of causing or exacerbating respiratory issues. Cockroaches are a large contributor to breathing problems such as allergies and asthma, especially in children. In fact, studies have found that nearly half of all children may be allergic to roaches and can develop asthma from continued exposure.

Roaches Carry a Variety of Diseases

Okay, now on to the reason why we’ve all gathered here! Do roaches carry disease? The simple answer is, yes, cockroaches have been known carriers of a variety of diseases. The biggest threat these days is tuberculosis, but they’ve also been found to carry pathogens that cause cholera, leprosy, and more. This may be a small concern for most people, but it shows just one more reason why cockroach control services are important.

American Cockroaches Love Beer

Who would have thought that so many of us could have something in common with the a cockroach? It may sound strange, but it’s true. American cockroaches are attracted to the scent of alcoholic beverages, particularly beer. This is why it’s important that you remove empty containers from your home as soon as possible. If not, you may find a few of these critters searching your kitchen for a nightcap.

They Might Fight Disease in the Future

While roaches carry disease, they may also be helpful in fighting disease. Most likely the result of their filthy living conditions, the brain matter and nerves in a cockroach are very effective in killing germs, including MRSA and E coli. Tests have shown that treatment in humans can be done with no harm to our cells, so as high as the “ick” factor might be, using roaches to cure certain diseases could become commonplace.

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