Contactless Pest Control: How it Protects Your Family and Pets

Why is contactless pest control still a valuable option?

Pest control is an essential part of taking care of your home or business. This past year, however, many residents have held off on routine pest control services because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though restrictions are loosening up, many people throughout Florida and the rest of the country are still on edge and looking for ways to stay protected. To do our part, we offer contactless pest control services for residential and commercial properties.

Living in a More Health-Conscious World

Health and safety have always been important issues, but we now seem to be living in a much more health-conscious world due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many Florida residents have educated themselves on ways to stay protected against potentially dangerous contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. By utilizing contactless pest control services, you can rid your property of harmful pests while keeping your household or business safe from these contaminants.

What Contactless Pest Control Entails

Since many people are still concerned about the coronavirus, our team has decided to continue using contactless pest control as a way to help ensure the health and safety of our team members and customers. When you enlist any of our services, these are the guidelines that you can expect from our team:

  • Face Masks and Gloves — Masks have been quite effective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Even though wearing masks is no longer enforced in most areas, we will continue to wear them. Our specialists will also wear gloves to prevent spreading germs onto surfaces.
  • Social Distancing — The most effective way to prevent a virus from spreading is social distancing. Our experts will remain at least six feet away from any household members unless absolutely unavoidable. In most instances there won’t be a need for you to ever be in the same room while they’re treating your home.
  • Contactless Completion — It’s important to us that our clients feel safe from the beginning of our visit and all the way to completion. To make sure that happens, we’ll be able to finish the job without any contact whatsoever. Once service has been completed, the pest control specialist will announce the job is done and they’re leaving the premises.
  • Special Requests — The contactless pest control methods we use are very effective, but we understand that some customers may have special requests or additional concerns. Our team will work with you to make any reasonable accommodations you feel are necessary. Simply ask our service personnel when you schedule your service.

Preparing for Contactless Pest Control

Contactless pest control has proven to be an effective way to deliver our elimination services while protecting our customers and staff. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, simply follow these pest control preparation tips:

  • Inform the Household — Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to keeping everyone in your household safe and secure. If you have any family members or roommates who are either living in your home or visiting, make sure that they’re all aware of the upcoming service. This will give them time to prepare, as well.
  • Secure Any Pets — Although the natural methods we use are non-toxic for your pets, a visit from us may be a bit disruptive for them. To help ensure contactless pest control and expediency, it’s always best to secure your pets in a specific room or area.
  • Clean Up Clutter — Our experts are extremely thorough, but certain pests are very good at hiding amongst clutter. To help us be more effective, clean up any clutter that you may have lying around, especially in areas where you know there are pests. Also, feel free to ask our specialist where they’ll be spraying prior to their arrival.

Reducing Future Pests in the Future

Once the pest control services have been completed, it’s important that you take basic measures to prevent a future infestation. Follow these simple control and prevention tips and you’ll be able to greatly reduce the number of pests that enter your home or business:

  • Keep Household Clean — Pests are always on the lookout for their next meal, which makes your household a prime target. Don’t leave food out on the counters, take out the garbage on a regular basis, and keep the trash can away from any structures.
  • Seal Potential Entry Points — Since most pests are quite small, they can easily get inside your property through cracks and gaps. Seal any problem areas, such as around the edges of your doors and windows, with weather-stripping, caulk, or spray foam.
  • Remove Standing Water — Pests are also attracted to any sources of water, so remove any standing water found on your property. Since our state is known for its powerful storms, pay extra attention following any rainfall because it’s common for puddles to form.
  • Cut Down Your Landscape — Many pests take refuge in outdoor vegetation, so you should keep your landscape trimmed as much as possible. You should be especially wary of any trees or bushes are right up against your walls or roof.
  • Call a Professional Immediately — All pests are destructive in some way and carry dangerous contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. If you have a problem with any type of pest, you should always act quickly. Calling a professional right away will help you avoid an infestation or further damage.

Contact ProHealth Pest Control for Contactless Pest Control

ProHealth Pest Control uses natural methods to control mosquitoesbed bugs, cockroaches, beetles, spiders, bees, wasps, rodents, and other unwanted creatures. Everything we use is non-toxic for adults, children, and pets. If you have any questions about our contactless pest control services or would like to schedule an appointment, reach out by calling (727) 308-2543 to schedule a free consultation.