Commercial Pest Control Methods to Implement in Your Office

What pest control methods can office managers use to keep their buildings pest free?

For commercial property owners, maintenance can be tedious and challenging. However, with employees going in and out of your office every day, you want to make sure you promote a safe and risk-free work environment. Prolonging your property’s life will also be possible with proper care and attention, so this is where various pest control methods come into play.

When it comes to offices and commercial properties, insects and rodents are perhaps some of the biggest maintenance issues you may face. Pests that scurry around in your office can cause property damage or pose a health risk as they carry pathogens that can lead to diseases. Unfortunately, several types of pests are hard to detect, so you don’t always see the pests lurking around until you call in a pest control company.

Pest Control Methods for Commercial Offices

To keep your office building safe and protected from unwanted pests, you can consider these pest control methods:

Promote Good Hygiene

Promoting good hygiene is a great way to control pests since this ensures that your office is clean and prevents creating any breeding spots for them. Your office can easily attract pests if it has food scraps thrown carelessly; not to mention unclean toilets or drains. Even after addressing an issue with professional help, maintaining proper hygiene will still be key to preventing the pests from returning.

Identify Critical Areas for Commercial Pest Management 

While pests may be found anywhere in a commercial property, there are specific locations where you are more likely to find them. Dumpsters, for instance, are best kept away from entryways since the decaying areas are major breeding spots for pests.

Similarly, dining or eating areas and bathrooms are also critical in that they have to be kept clean at all times to prevent unwanted pests from infesting these common areas.

Maintain Building and Landscape

Office maintenance is also crucial to controlling pests within the property since any damages, especially cracks or crevices, can easily welcome insects and rodents. Keep your office in pristine condition by conducting regular maintenance on your building and landscape and doing necessary fixes and repairs immediately. Even overgrown shrubs can encourage insects to build nests, so keeping these trimmed may also help with controlling pests.

Create a Pest Control Plan for Commercial Pest Management

Establishing a pest control plan with the help of a professional company can do wonders for your office. With this, you can properly identify the exact pests and type of pest control needed for your property. Similarly, you can seek advice on how to avoid the problem from resurfacing since the cause of such concerns may vary for each office.

Implementing pest control methods can help you take an active stance against pests in your office. While the common pest may initially seem harmless, it can easily cause significant damage to your property and affect people’s work environment without you realizing it. Do not wait for the damage to happen and instead take action as early as possible.

Know the Warning Signs of Pests in Your Office

While there are no specific pest control methods that can guarantee a pest-free office, one of the most proactive approaches would be to know the potential infestation signs. Taking early action by calling in professional commercial pest control when you notice these signs can prevent problems from escalating. Thus, when doing regular or general inspections, pay attention to the following:

  • Infested food in pantry, break rooms, and kitchen
  • Sound of hollow wood when tapped, which may indicate termites or specific types of ants
  • Dead bugs and shed skeletons or skins on the floor
  • Presence of droppings, wood shavings, and/or sawdust
  • Damage to boxes, structures, furniture, and equipment may be caused by rodents
  • Webs in doorways, light fixtures, ceilings, or windows are potential signs of spiders
  • Mud tubes, caused by termites, along baseboards
  • Scratching or rustling noises behind walls or above ceilings

Naturally, if you have an actual encounter with a pest, this is a sure sign to be alert. No matter how small or how few they may be, the situation can still escalate into an infestation if left unaddressed. In such cases, working with a professional will be beneficial to determine the most effective method in treating your office based on the type of problem you may have.

Though many warning signs can help you check for pests in the office, some occurrences may still go unsighted. Thus, it is still best that you schedule an inspection with a professional at least once a year to have them go through every area in your office. Leaving out even the smallest nook or cranny can make a huge difference, so being as cautious as possible can help preserve your office building.

Working with a Commercial Pest Management Company Today

The impact of pest activity and infestations for offices may range from case to case, but no matter what, the consequences can be disturbing and detrimental to your business. Instead of waiting for the problem to arise, take charge by using proper control methods and measures that can get rid of pests. This way, you can avoid costly repairs and potential financial losses from health concerns or reputational damage.

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