What to do if You Find Bed Bugs in Your Office Building

How to handle bed bugs in a commercial office setting.

Most people would probably agree there are few insects creepier than bed bugs. These tiny little pests find refuge in the places where we sleep, come out at night to feed on us, and then begin to breed once they’ve become engorged on our blood.

Bed bugs are often thought to be a household problem, but they can get inside commercial properties and then hitch a ride back home on clothing or within personal items. What should you do if you find bed bugs in your office building?

Here are some simple strategies to follow that will help you deal with these invaders:

Ensure Proper Identification

The first thing you should do before you attempt any type of bed bug treatment is to ensure the pests you’re dealing with are indeed bed bugs. Bed bugs are great at hiding, so instead of seeing a specimen, you may notice small red or brown specks, which indicate feces. If you do find a physical specimen, however, you can compare it to online images or show the bug to a pest control expert.

Inspect the Entire Office

If you suspect that there are bed bugs in your office building, you need to conduct a thorough search everywhere. As indicated above, these nasty little creatures are great at hiding, so you’ll need to inspect each room and check all the nooks and crannies. Places that you should specifically focus on include office furniture, copy machines, printers, and electrical outlets

Schedule a Cleaning Crew

If you begin to suspect that your office building may have bed bugs, you should schedule a thorough cleaning of the entire property. In addition to cleaning all the surfaces and the smaller places where these insects may be hiding, you should also have the crew remove any clutter around the office. Also, keep in mind that scheduling routine cleanings is an effective form of rodent, cockroach, mosquito, and spider control.

Hire a Bed Bug Control Expert

Bed bug control can’t simply be done by spraying insecticide around problem areas. This is especially true with bed bugs in your office because there’s so much space to be searched and treated. Even if you don’t suspect a full-on infestation, it’s important that you reach out to pest control experts who excel in bed bug elimination that focus on eradicating the problem as soon as possible.

Focus on Future Prevention

Bed bug treatment in your office building should be done as soon as you verify there’s an infestation. Once the threat has been neutralized, it’s important that you focus on future prevention to minimize the possibility of a recurrence. Avoiding bed bugs in your office can be a bit tricky since they often get inside the hitching a ride on employees and customers, but by keeping the place clean and watching out for signs of an infestation, you should be able to avoid any future entanglements.

Report Recurrence Immediately

With the number of workers, clients, and customers that file in and out of your office building each day, it’s nearly impossible to completely prevent bed bugs from finding their way inside. Even if you’ve recently had a bed bug treatment performed in your commercial property, you should always be ready for any new ones that might get in and start a new infestation. If this occurs, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional once again.

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