Understanding Rodent Control

How Professionals Deal With Pesky Rodents in Your Home

If rodents have infiltrated your living or working space, it is time to take action. Rodents as small as infant mice have the potential to destroy your property. They spread the disease to people and pets. Rodents will not hesitate to eat your food and contaminate it. You need highly effective rodent control methods provided by true professionals. Do not delay if even a single rodent has entered your home or office. Contact our pest control experts right away to eliminate those pesky rodents before they reproduce en masse.

The Many Threats Posed by Rodents

Mice and rats are willing to call your walls, furniture, attic, roof and even your cabinets home. Rodents will eat anything you eat. Unfortunately, rodents contaminate upwards of 10 times the amount of food that they actually consume. They spread their droppings, urine, and hair all over the place.

These nasty little animals carry nearly a dozen different types of disease, ranging from rabies to the bubonic plague, rat bite fever, and Leptospirosis. It is also possible for mice and rats to start fires. This occurs when they chew electrical wiring or matches. In fact, they gnaw at most of their surroundings. Their teeth can grow upwards of 5 inches per year. Rats even go as far as biting kids while they sleep in an attempt to chow down on tiny bits of food left in their mouths following dinner or dessert.

Rodent Behavior

Rats and mice typically travel to where food, water, and shelter are located. They are quite active at night, especially if they smell food. They run along ledges, pipes, utility wires and other narrow spaces with ease. Rats swim quite well. Some will live in sewers for years and eventually enter homes by way of toilets.

Effective Rodent Control

Though there are plenty of DIY rodent control options on the market, these alleged solutions pale in comparison to the proven rodent control techniques provided by trained professionals.

Let rodent control experts take a look at your infested property. We will find the rodents’ living spaces and eliminate them as quickly as possible. Don’t worry about the potential for an unsavory aftermath following our pest removal efforts. Our team has identified the best ways to remove dead rodents so you don’t have to. We even take the extra step by developing a rodent control plan that will help you ward off those nasty buggers as time progresses.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are proud to offer each customer a Prohealth Service Guarantee. This means each client is guaranteed to be satisfied with our rodent removal services. If you are not satisfied with our services, you won’t have to pay. This is the type of guarantee our competitors refuse to provide.

A No-obligation Inspection

You should not have to live or work with rodents of any sort. Reach out to our rodent control team for a no-obligation inspection. Whether you have mice, rats or pests of another variety, we will get the problem under control. Let our team get to work on your property and you will find we have the most effective rodent control mechanisms around.