Why Preventative Pest Control is Important During Hurricane Season

Preventative pest control is necessary during hurricane season.

Pest control is always an important aspect for homes and businesses, but it’s especially important during hurricane season because of a potential increase in the number of bugs and other pests that attempt to invade your property. Part of this is due to high winds pushing pests’ long distances. The main reason due to insects trying to find shelter to protect themselves from the storm.

If you neglect to focus on pest prevention during hurricane season, you could find yourself with an infestation that quickly gets out of control. To make sure you’re ready for the inclement weather, we’ve put together a quick list of preventative pest control techniques that you can begin implementing today.

Seal Up Any Weak Spots

Pests of all shapes and sizes, but especially the smaller ones, enter your home through cracks and gaps in your foundation and walls, along the edges of your doors and windows, and other problem areas. The first step you should take toward preventative pest control is to seal any weak spots that you find on your property. Depending on the location and severity, you’ll want to use either caulk, spray foam, or weather-stripping.

Move Trash Cans Away

Pests that get near your home because of a hurricane or any type of storm are likely to stick around if they have access to trash. If the trash is close to your property, then it won’t take long for an outside pest problem to become an inside pest problem. As part of ongoing pest prevention for your residential or commercial property, keep your garbage containers a good distance away whenever possible.

Remove Standing Water

Standing water provides a source of sustenance for many pests and acts as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Since hurricanes bring so much water along with them, this can become a big problem in a very short period of time. Before and after a hurricane, check for any standing water around your home or business, and remove every bit that you find. Remember that mosquitoes can breed in only half an inch of water, so don’t leave any stagnant water behind.

Professional Pest Prevention

Although there are several preventative pest control techniques that you can implement on your own, ongoing pest control by a professional is always the best course of action. Professionals are highly trained in eliminating all sorts of pests that can appear throughout hurricane season. Plus, their results are guaranteed, so you and your family or employees can breathe easy regardless of the types of pests you’re dealing with.

Fix Water Damaged Areas

In addition to standing water being common following a hurricane, there’s also the possibility of water damage on the outside of your property that quickly provides a way inside for different pests. This is often how termite and ant infiltration occur, which means it’s something that you want to tend to right away. You can either fix these damaged areas yourself or call an expert, but make sure you do it as soon as possible.

Repair Structural Damage

It’s no secret to any Floridian that hurricane season often causes structural damage to both residential and commercial properties. You may experience damaged doors, broken windows, fallen walls, smashed glass, roof damage, and other such issues. It’s understandable if you have bigger concerns than bugs after damage has occurred, but you don’t want to make the problem even worse. To ensure proper preventative pest control, repair any structural damage right away and call a professional exterminator to check the property.

Receive Preventative Pest Control with ProHealth

It’s important that you maintain high levels of residential pest control and commercial pest control throughout the hurricane season and beyond. The ProHealth Pest Control services used by our dedicated experts will help keep pests off your property by providing extermination methods and preventative pest control techniques. To learn more about our organic pest control methods, call (727) 308-3470 today to schedule a no-cost consultation for pest control in Clearwater.