Preventative Fire Ant Control

Get a Leg up on Fire Ants Before They Infiltrate Your Tampa Property

Fire ants are one of the most dreaded insects for good reason. This invasive species has a particularly nasty bite that can seriously injure or even kill people, pets, and livestock. Fire ants are infamous for their massive mounds. They are quite interesting to look at in mound shape yet they pose all sorts of problems. Aside from harming living things, fire ants can infest Tampa properties and damage lawn mowers along with other costly equipment. Let’s take a look at a few measures you should take to prevent fire ants from wreaking havoc on your Tampa property.

Mound Treatment

Most Tampa residents resort to treating mounds of fire ants. However, this approach is costly and requires considerable time and effort. This is especially true for Tampa landowners who have vast properties. Mound treatment is only effective if it kills the queen. If you kill the queen, the colony will not survive. However, fire ants cannot be fully eliminated as it is impossible to treat all areas that have been infested. When in doubt, lean on the expertise of skilled pest control professionals.

Baits for Fire Ant Control

Properly used baits can decrease mounds in your yard. Baits should be applied as broadcast treatments that target each fire ant colony in your Tampa yard. Baits are best applied in the spring as it is the time of the year when fire ants are looking for food. Repeat the treatment in the middle of the summer and once again in the fall. Treatment should be implemented at a point in time when rain is unlikely. This dry spell provides the ants with an opportunity to gather the bait and bring it back to their mounds. So be sure to skip the watering for a couple of days following the bait application. Baits are a handy tool to control fire ants on your Tampa property, however, they will not remove fire ants completely.

Broadcast Insecticide Treatments

These treatments must be applied over the entirety of your Tampa lawn. They are more expensive and time-consuming than baits yet have the potential to prove effective. This method is ideal for large spaces. The treatments can be formulated in liquid form, mixed and applied across your Tampa property. Alternatively, such treatments can be granular and dispersed with a spreader.

Rely on the Professionals

The fire ant control methods outlined above are not guaranteed to work. If you have fire ants on your Tampa property, the best course of action is to ally with our fire ant control professionals. At Prohealth Pest Control, we’ll eliminate the problem so your home doesn’t become part of the ant colony’s territory.