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Your dogs, cats and other pets deserve a clean and safer living space just as much as you and your family. Pets are more likely to be exposed to harmful pests as they spend most of their time on the floor. If you let pests infiltrate your home, they will harm your furry friends sooner or later. Call Prohealth Pest Control for pest control services in Clearwater and protect your pets!

Bed Bugs are a Threat to Your Family as Well as Your Pets

Bed bugs are a legitimate threat to your well-being. However, bed bugs also have your dogs and cats in their sights. Though bed bugs typically congregate on couches and beds, they also scurry across the carpet. A dog or cat bitten by bed bugs will experience some skin problems. The problem is aggravated that much more if your furry friend sleeps on or near a couch on which bed bugs have established as their new home. Do not let bed bugs suck your pets’ blood and compromise their health.


Ticks are parasites that suck the blood of any mammal in their vicinity. If you have any type of pet, including a bird, they have the potential to fall prey to blood-seeking ticks. Ticks lie in wait in the grass or shrubs for animals and people that pass by. Ticks compromise health to the point that they can harm the brain, induce rashes, and even cause joint swelling.


Mosquitoes are ready and willing to bite your pets as well as your family. These bugs penetrate animal and human skin and gorge themselves on blood. Mosquitoes are fond of breeding in stagnant, pooled water, so be sure to eliminate all sources of standing water.

Aside from sucking blood, mosquitoes also carry diseases. The last thing you need is a costly trip to the vet and extended care. Mosquito larvae are capable of moving from the bite site through the entirety of the animal’s body until they reach the lungs or heart. Rely on pest control services and you won’t have to worry about mosquitoes harming your pet.

Prohealth Pest Control Services in Clearwater

There is no sense constantly worrying about whether insects will harm your pets, your kids, or your home’s structure.

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