Pet Friendly Pest Control: Protect Your Home and Your Pets

It is often said a house is not a true home unless it has a pet. The best pet owners treat their furry friend as members of the family. Pets certainly bring a lot of joy to our lives, so it is only right we treat them well. Working with a company for pet friendly pest control is a great way to practice this. If you have pests in your living space, do not put your pet at risk with DIY pest control attempts. You need the assistance of a professional pest control team that provides pet friendly pest control.

Pests are a Legitimate Threat to Your Furry Friends

Pests carry allergens and contagions. If you are exposed to pests, you are that much more likely to become sick. However, your pets can also be harmed by pests. In fact, pets are more vulnerable to pests as our furry friends spend most of their time on the floor where insects crawl. If your pet seems irritated, sick, or injured, consult with a local veterinarian. Pet friendly pest control will eliminate pests and improve the health and wellness of your pets.

Professional Pest Control for Improved Pet Health

You can only do so much to prevent pests from infiltrating your living space. Do not let bugs get the best of your pet and your Clearwater home. Pet friendly pest control is applied in a careful and strategic manner. Though our pest control solutions are safer for pets, we still advise putting away pet toys and pet food when your home is being treated. Furthermore, it is advisable to contain your pet during this treatment.

Though pet friendly pest control solutions are safer for your pets, they are still highly effective against the pests you want to eliminate from your property.

Pet Owners Should Worry About Fleas and Ticks

If your dog, cat, or other pet has fleas, they will constantly scratch themselves. Fleas are also problematic, since they are a direct threat to pet health. If your pet scratches at the fleas often enough, the forceful contact can create wounds that might become infected. Furthermore, fleas sometimes have tapeworms and bacteria that leads to cat-scratch fever.

Ticks are also a major threat to pet health as they carry pathogens that can lead to Lyme disease and an assortment of other diseases. A tick can easily transfer Lyme disease to a cat or dog through a simple bite. If your pet has Lyme disease that goes untreated, its organs and joints will gradually deteriorate. Pet friendly pest control solutions can eliminate the ticks and fleas to minimize your pet’s chances of exposure.

Mosquitoes and Your Pet’s Health

Mosquitoes are problematic for your pets for reasons beyond incessant scratching after bites. Mosquitoes also pose the threat of heartworms. Mosquitoes can transmit the larvae of heartworms to cats and dogs, causing extreme illness. Pet friendly pest control will not guarantee heartworm prevention, however, our approach will decrease your property’s mosquito population and make it less likely your pets will be bitten.

Contact Prohealth Pest Control For Pet Friendly Pest Control Solutions

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