Why No Tent Termite Treatment is a Great Option for Commercial Properties

Why should commercial property managers consider tentless termite treatment for their business?

Many business owners seem to be under the false impression that they never have to worry about subterranean or drywood termites on their property because they’ve mostly heard the horror stories that occur in homes. The truth, however, is that termite infestations also occur on commercial properties and can result in many thousands of dollars worth of structural damage.

Since the standard method of termite infestation removal has been to throw up a tent and fumigate the infected areas, thereby interrupting the flow of business, many company owners look for alternatives to tenting to make things easier and less intrusive. That’s why so many businesses have turned to the use of a no-tent termite treatment in recent years.

How a Commercial No-Tent Termite Treatment Works

Although tent fumigation has been the tried-and-true method of termite extermination for years, both residential and commercial property owners often prefer a no-tent termite treatment because it’s less invasive. It begins with a pest control expert visiting your property and assessing your current termite situation.

Once a termite presence has been confirmed, a natural, liquid pesticide is placed around the perimeter of the property and on certain surfaces. This liquid pesticide is picked up by termite workers and taken back to their nest, exposing the queen and eliminating the entire colony.

Benefits of a Commercial No-Tent Termite Treatment

If you feel your business may have termites, it’s important that you act upon it right away to reduce any potential damage. Eliminating termites without tenting might be a novel idea for many business owners, but those who have already tried it absolutely swear by the process.

Here are some of the primary benefits that you’ll receive by choosing a no-tent termite treatment for your commercial property:

No Need to Close the Business

Termite fumigation is highly effective but it can also be quite intrusive. In many cases, it will either disrupt your business or force you to close up shop until the process has been completed. As you can imagine, this can greatly affect your profits and the livelihood of your employees if they’re unable to work. With a no-tent termite treatment, you can operate as business as usual in most circumstances.

Safer for Employees/Customers

No matter what type of pest control your business needs, you must always ensure your employees and customers will not be affected negatively. The liquid pesticides that are used are non-toxic, which means if they’re inadvertently ingested, they won’t cause any harm. They’re also safer for pets and outdoor animals just in case any of your furry or feathered friends come into contact with it.

Maintain Your Reputation

Let’s be honest – when you see a tent around a home or business, do you think of termites or something a lot more disgusting such as cockroaches or bed bugs? If potential customers see a tent over your place of business, they may assume the worst and you could discover that you’re the victim of negative social media posts. Without a tent involved, it’ll be much harder for anyone to know that you’re having any type of pest control service done.

No Landscape Trimming

Since tenting must typically covers a large area, any intruding landscape must be trimmed away before the process starts. This can sometimes surpass the normal level of landscaping that’s done on your property, which can lead to a higher cost. With no tent involved in the termite elimination process, you won’t have to worry about any additional landscape work.

The Results Are Guaranteed

The last thing you want is for a termite extermination to not be entirely effective and be forced to start the process all over again. The good news is that not only are no-tent termite treatment is extremely effective, but the results are guaranteed. If there are any termites left over or a resurgence occurs after a specified period of time, the pest control professionals will return to your property for another treatment.

No Muss, No Fuss, No Hassle

Pest control is a necessity for homes and businesses, but there’s no reason why it should be a difficult process. Since a no-tent termite treatment doesn’t involve any type of enclosure or need to disrupt your business, the process is as hassle-free as possible. Even though termites are never something anyone wants to deal with, this specialized treatment makes it a lot easier.

Contact Prohealth Pest Control for a No-Tent Termite Treatment

Termite control should always be left to the professionals. Prohealth Pest Control offers a free termite inspection for commercial properties that will include a full assessment of a potential or ongoing infestation and the treatment options available to fix it. If you have any questions about our no-tent termite treatment or any other pest control services, reach out by calling us at (727) 308-3470 to schedule a free consultation.