9 Benefits of Tentless Termite Treatment for Restaurants

Learn more about no-tent termite control for your restaurant.

Several different methods have been developed to help home and business owners fight the scourge of termites. This should come as no surprise since termites can literally devour your building right from under you. Left unchecked, this can lead to extensive damage, thousands of dollars in repair costs, and – in the case of commercial properties – a temporary shutdown of the business. Restaurants can’t afford to let termites damage their property, but many of them also can’t afford to close up shop for even a day or two for the building to be fumigated. Therefore, many restaurant owners have started asking about a no-tent option when hiring a professional pest control company for a termite inspection and elimination.

How No-Tent Termite Control Works

No-tent termite control works exactly as it sounds. Once an inspection has confirmed a termite infestation, pest control professionals will start off by treating the areas where termites have been detected with a natural, liquid solution. Termites come into contact with the solution, and it adheres to them. After a relatively short period of time, the solution is spread to the entirety of the colony and then makes its way to the queen, killing all of the termites.

Now that you understand how no-tent termite control works, let’s look at why it’s beneficial for your restaurant:

No Need to Close Up the Business

Aside from getting rid of the termites in the first place, the biggest advantage of a no-tent termite treatment is that in most instances, there’s no reason to close up your business. This isn’t true with treatments that include fumigation. The tent-less procedure is non-intrusive and that’s exactly why so many businesses use it.

Won’t Inconvenience Your Customers

If you’re like most restaurants, you have customers that rely on you being open during your scheduled days and times. Choosing to use a termite control method that forces you to close the business may inconvenience many of your customers. While the loyal ones may understand, others may decide to eat elsewhere – possibly even at one of your direct competitors.

Employees Are Able to Keep Working

As everyone knows, millions of people across the country are living paycheck to paycheck, which means losing time at work can hurt their finances. Even those who don’t may not be able to afford taking off extra days so your business can get rid of termites. By allowing your restaurant to remain open, no-tent termite control not only helps your business, but it also helps all of your workers by not forcing them to stay home.

Saves the Business from Losing Money

It’s obvious that you want to get rid of termites as soon as possible because any delay can cause severe damage and, therefore, higher repair costs. A no-tent termite treatment takes this a step further because your restaurant will be able to remain open during the procedure. By conducting business as usual, you can still rake in the normal number of profits for that particular day.

Won’t Hurt the Restaurant’s Reputation

If there’s one thing that can kill a restaurant’s reputation almost instantly, it’s when customers know that pests have been found in the building. Although termite problems aren’t nearly as bad as other insects such as cockroaches, many patrons may not realize what the problem actually is. Certain methods like fumigation will draw attention to the problem whereas a no-tent solution will not.

Safe for Food and the Environment

When you work with a professional pest control company, you don’t have to worry about food being exposed to dangerous chemicals no matter what type of solution you decide to use. If you want to have further peace of mind, however, then you should go with a no-tent termite treatment. This organic pest control method doesn’t require fumigation and is better for the environment, too.

Effective Means of Eliminating Termites

Perhaps the best thing about a no-tent solution is that it’s highly effective in eliminating termites. Despite the fact that it doesn’t use any dangerous chemicals and doesn’t require you to close up your business, the process will kill all of the termites in your restaurant in a short period of time. This means that not only will you be able to stay open, but you’ll also have peace of mind before you know it.

No Need to Remove Items from Building

For many years, fumigation and other pest control methods were the best ways to rid a restaurant of termites and other pests. Not only did this require at least a brief closing of the building, but it often meant that business owners had to remove many sensitive items from the property. With a no-tent termite treatment, there’s no need to remove anything from the property.

Eliminate Different Types of Termites

Depending on the situation, your restaurant may be exposed to either subterranean termites or drywood termites. Both can be highly destructive and result in heavy structural damage and high costs of repair if not eliminated quickly. Another great thing about a no-tent solution is that it’s equally as effective no matter which type of termite has made its way into your building.

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