Have Mice Infested Your Home?

There is no reason to tolerate a rodent infestation.

A house with a mouse, rat, or other rodent is not a true home. You should not have to share your living space with any type of rodent. If you suspect you have one or several mice in your home or building, we can help. Our pest control team in Clearwater will eliminate the mice, help figure out how they entered your home, and ultimately return your living space to normal.

The Problem With Mice

Aside from being annoying, mice are dirty. They can spread diseases to you and your pets. A mouse or rat can spread anything from Rat-bite fever to Murine Typhus, Salmonella, Infectious Jaundice, and more. It is even possible for a rat or mouse bite to spread the deadly Hantavirus.

How to Tell if Your Home has Been Infiltrated by Mice

There are some common signs of rodent infestations. Droppings are a clear indication a mice or rat is in your home. If you hear odd noises, there is a good chance it is mice moving through the attic or walls. There might be one or several rodents living in your home. If you spot rub marks on the walls or floor, you likely have at least one mouse. Rodents have oily hair that leaves greasy smudge marks as they move between food sources and nests.

Gnaw marks are also a cause for concern. Rodents will gnaw all the way through your home’s wood, walls, and wires. Damaged wiring is a serious fire hazard. Finally, if you spot a nest, there is no doubt you have an infestation. Such nests are typically positioned in isolated spaces that receive minimal light. Rodents resort to everything from shreds of paper to bits of fabric, cotton, and packing materials to build their nests.

Mice Control Techniques That Work

Rodents will eventually move from the walls and the attic to the areas in which you live. You might even spot one scurrying along the floor. Our pest control team in Clearwater is here to eliminate rodents from your home in a timely manner. We will get rid of these annoying pests so you don’t have to worry about contamination and disease.

In the end, our Clearwater pest control service will ultimately improve the health and peace of mind of everyone living under your roof. This includes your pets and those who visit. After all, the last thing you need is for a rat or mouse to scurry across the floor when you have a special guest over for the evening.

Our Clearwater rodent control experts use the latest technology, tools, and techniques to get those mice, rats, and other unwelcome animals or insects out of your home. Let us examine your home and it will not take long to find out where the mice are located. We will eliminate the rodents in an efficient manner. Furthermore, we will set you up for a rodent-free future by developing a preventative mouse and rat control plan.

Contact Our Clearwater Pest Control Team Today

If you have a mouse infestation or suspect a mouse is in your home or business, do not assume the problem will work itself out. If there is one mouse, there is a good chance others will follow.

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