Why Homeowner’s See More Rodents Indoors During Winter

Mice and other rodents look for warm shelters during the Winter season.

You don’t need to have a rodent infestation in your home to understand how devastating it can be and understand that it must be avoided at all costs. In the winter months, it’s common to see more rats and mice indoors than you do in other seasons. Today, we’re going to explain why that happens, the dangers of a rat or mice infestation, and how you can avoid the problem.

Why Rodents Come Indoors During Winter

The simple truth is that rodents are warm-blooded creatures. Despite their somewhat thick coats, they definitely prefer a more temperate environment. When winter arrives and the temperature drops, their desire to get inside your home dramatically increases. At this point, it’s not just about food but also about pure survival.

Dangers Posed to Homes by Rodents

Rats and mice may be different in size, but the dangers that they pose to your home are basically the same. Since they’re constantly in search of food, they have a tendency to chew their way into cupboards, pantries, and cardboard boxes in order to find it. In addition to contaminating your food, they can gnaw sizable holes into wood and other materials, in addition to creating a fire hazard if they chew through wires.

Dangers Posed to Vehicles by Rodents

Many homeowners don’t typically consider the possibility that rodents can damage their vehicles. Since they’re trying to find a warm place, they may gain entry to your garage and then crawl up under the hood of your automobile, especially if the engine has recently been running. Once there, they may chew through the wires and cause considerable damage.

Dangers Posed to People by Rodents

Although rodents can damage your home and vehicles, it’s important to remember that those are just “things” that can be replaced. The much more concerning aspect to a rate of mice infestation due to it being cold outside is the fact that they can be harmful to a person’s health. In addition to potentially getting household members sick from bacteria, they can also expose you to hantavirus, cholera, and other dangerous diseases.

How to Prevent a Winter Infestation

Preventing a rat or mice infestation during the winter months should always be a priority.

Here are a few ways that you can keep these rodents from entering your home throughout the winter and all year round:

  • Remove Water Sources — Since water is a primary reason why rodents invade no matter the season, remove standing water and keep water structures away from the exterior of your home.
  • Clean Up Food Sources — To keep access to food to a minimum, don’t leave food out on the counters and seal leftovers in a plastic container for the fridge or pantry.
  • Routinely Remove Trash — The scent of trash will attract rodents, so take the garbage out on a routine basis and always keep trash cans properly sealed.
  • Seal Off Any Entry Points — You can limit easy access by sealing up entry points such as gaps and cracks in your foundation, crawl spaces, and other areas.
  • React to Signs Right Away — If you witness any signs of rodents such as evidence of chewing, unexplained frayed wires, paw prints, scratching in the walls, urine smell, or feces, call a professional immediately.

Contact ProHealth Pest Control to Prevent a Rat or Mice Infestation

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