5 Tips for Lawn Pest Control to Keep Your Yard Pest Free

Why lawn pest control is vital to your overall property.

It’s an age-old discussion regarding lawns for both residential and commercial properties – they enhance the look of your home or business, but they also make the property more attractive for several types of pests. Some people may even choose to forgo a lawn altogether because they simply don’t want to deal with what they perceive as added stress.

Yes, several types of pests are attracted to your lawn. That’s just part of nature. However, there are steps that you can take in order to reduce the likelihood of this causing a problem.

Here are seven tips that will make lawn pest control a whole lot easier:

Test Your Lawn’s Soil

The first step to dealing with lawn pests is to ensure that you have healthy soil that may not be as attractive to certain types of insects and other critters. There are DIY kits available or you can contact a pest control company to handle the process for you. Also, remember that organic pest control methods will help keep your soil in good shape.

Remove All Standing Water

Many different types of pests are attracted to your home because it is a source of water. This is especially true when you have standing water in your lawn which basically acts as a beacon for insects, arachnids, and rodents. Removing standing water around your property, particularly your lawn, will help cut down on the possibility of an infestation.

Repel Bugs with Essential Oils

Organic pest control methods you apply yourself can be especially effective in repelling a variety of pests. Many insects don’t like the aroma of essential oils such as peppermint, citronella, and lemongrass. You can apply these oils with either a spray bottle or with oil-fueled torches or candles as an effective means of lawn pest control.

Get Rid of Ants with Spices

If your lawn has become a breeding ground for ants, spicing things up could help get rid of this problem. The best spices to use are chili powder and cinnamon. Sprinkle these spices around your lawn to create a barrier they won’t cross. If you already have an ant nest in your lawn, the use of boiling water or mint tea will help eliminate the colony.

Schedule Routine Pest Control

When dealing with lawn pest control, whether it’s an ongoing problem or an emergency, scheduling a visit with a professional pest control company that utilizes organic methods is always your best bet. These experts in extermination and prevention will help analyze your specific needs and then implement a solution that will help keep your lawn and household safe.

Add a Fence, If Needed

If you have a problem with bigger pests such as mice and rats getting into your lawn and, eventually, your home, then it may be time to put in a fence around your property. You may also want to put separate fencing around your garden. In addition to keeping out traditional pests, this will help protect your garden area from children, pets, and other larger animals, too. If you have problems with animals burrowing in your lawn, then you may want to use raised beds with a mesh bottom.

Don’t Forget to Protect Pets, Too

Your lawn is an important part of your household, but your pets should always be more of a priority. Lawns can become rife with insects that go after your pets such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. You can keep these pests at bay without endangering your dogs or cats by using only organic solutions as part of your residential pest control.

ProHealth Pest Control Can Assist You with Lawn Pest Control

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