How to Detect Bed Bugs in Your Bed

Bed bugs are found in all sorts of places in homes, hotels, and other spaces. Bed bugs are commonly found in furniture, yet they tend to congregate on bedding. Every single person should take a little bit of time to learn about bed bugs and the signs that indicate the presence of these nasty little critters.

Bed Bugs’ Appearance

Fully grown bed bugs are about a quarter-inch long. They are brown or red in color. Imagine an apple seed in your mind’s eye. This is the size and shape of the typical bed bug. The main difference between apple seeds and bed bugs is that bed bugs are quite flat. However, bed bugs that recently fed on something in your living space won’t be as flat as their hungry friends.
Bed bugs do not have wings yet they do have antennae. Another signature characteristic of bed bugs is their extraordinarily thin legs. Young bed bugs look like adult bed bugs yet they are slightly smaller and have a lighter yellow-brown shade.

How to Detect Bed Bugs in Your Bed

Bed bugs tend to congregate in areas where people sleep. Their flat bodies let them slide in between the diminutive spaces within beds and other furniture. You might spot these little critters moving along your bed frame, headboard, mattress, box springs or another part of your bedding. You might also experience a bed bug bite. This is not to say every single itch and welt is the result of a bed bug bite. Do not assume your bite was caused by bed bugs unless you spot a bedbug in, on or by your bedding.

Grab a flashlight and look closely at the small spaces in and near your bedding where bed bugs can hide. Take a close look at your sheets, folds in the bedding, cracks in the bed frame, and mattress seams. If you find a bed bug, try to put him in a bottle so one of our contact-us experts can examine him to ensure he is indeed a bed bug.

Additional Clues That Your Bed has Bed Bugs

If you notice small bloodstains on your bed sheets, pajamas or skin when you wake up in the morning, it is a sign you have been bitten by a bed bug. Bed bugs often emit a bit of blood after they feed on victims. You can also identify bed bugs by the presence of fecal specks. These small dark bits will be found on or near your bedding. You might even notice the shed skins of these little pests, known as cast skins.