How do You Get Rats in Your House?

How You Get Rats in Your House

Having rats in your house can feel like a violation because of how big and somewhat monstrous they are. They’re also dirty and gross, so it’s important to keep them outside. But, how do these critters get inside your home in the first place? It typically happens because of at least one of these common situations:

Cracks and Gaps

The most common way rats and other pests get inside your house is through cracks and gaps in areas such as the foundation, crawl space, attic, basement, and around your doors and windows. Even though rats are somewhat large, they can find a small gap in the wood and use their chewing capability to make the gap bigger. You can reduce their chances of getting inside by fixing these problem areas with caulk, spray foam, or weather-stripping.

Chewing Holes

Rats don’t always need to find cracks or gaps in the exterior of your home because these rodents can make their own. Their teeth are very powerful and can chew through wood and similar materials to make their own entry point. The best solution is to keep an eye out for any damage that looks like it was caused by a rat trying to get inside (or succeeding) and responding with a call to a pest control company.

Garage Openings

When a rat can’t get inside your home directly, they may try to get inside your garage instead. Many homeowners neglect to examine their garage closely, which makes it easier for these rodents to slip in. It’s also a problem if you tend to leave your garage door open for long periods of time, because they might duck inside when you’re not paying attention.

Signs of Rats In Your House

If you don’t take care of a rodent problem right away, you could expose your household to germs, disease, and damage. To rectify the situation in a timely manner, what you’ll need to do is to learn how to identify that you have a problem in the first place.

Here are a few of the most common warning signs that you have rats in your house:

Scratching Sounds

It’s very common for people to realize they have rats because they hear scratching sounds in the walls, crawl space, attic, and other areas. The scratching noises are from the rats either crawling around or chewing their way through tight spots. You might also hear the “pitter-patter” of little feet as they scurry around, which can be quite creepy.

Droppings or Urine

Since rats are pretty sizable, it doesn’t take long before their feces and urine becomes very apparent. You may come across physical evidence or the smell may hit you when you enter a certain room or area of your home. Please remember to wear some type of mask when cleaning up rat feces because they can carry the hantavirus.

Chewed-On Items

If you haven’t figured it out already, chewing on things is basically a rat’s favorite pastime. You may find holes in food containers or you may even come across frayed wires that have clearly been gnawed by something. Take care of these problems right away. Throw away the food and unplug the devices – and then get in touch with a professional.

Contact ProHealth Pest Control to Get Rid of Rats

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