Heat Bed Bug Treatment: How Does this Treatment Kill Bed Bugs?

What is bed bug heat treatment?

Pests are always unwelcome, but bed bugs are in a category all their own. These creepy little creatures are like miniature vampires. They most commonly set up camp inside your bed and then while you’re sleeping, they come out and feed on your blood, often causing redness and itching.

The most effective form of organic pest control that will help get rid of bed bugs is the use of a heat application. Today, we’re going to explain how a heat bed bug treatment works and why it’s the best choice for both residential and commercial pest control.

Whole-House Heat Bed Bug Treatment

The primary reason heat bed bug treatment works so well is because it targets your entire home at once. Bed bugs cannot live in an environment above 120° F. With a whole-house heat treatment, heaters and large fans are positioned throughout your home. The fans will distribute the heat evenly and quickly, which will raise the temperature in every room. This whole-house treatment is extremely effective in eliminating all bed bugs in a single visit.

Eliminates Bed Bugs at Every Stage

Bed bugs go through a variety of life stages before they become an adult. To go from one stage to the next, they must feed on blood. Although some toxic chemicals have been proven to kill bed bugs, many of them take multiple treatments because the eggs or small larvae will continue to survive. This often requires a second and maybe even a third visit to eliminate all of them. No life stage, including eggs, can survive a heat bed bug treatment.

All-Natural Bed Bug Treatment

Organic pest control has definitely been catching on in recent years because of its extreme effectiveness in getting rid of insects, arachnids, rodents, and other harmful creatures without the use of harmful chemicals. Heat bed bug treatments don’t use any chemicals, which means it’s more friendly to the environment and won’t negatively affect your carbon footprint. The funny thing is that so many people have come to rely on chemicals for pest control while this all-natural solution works much better.

Hiding Won’t Save the Bed Bugs

If you’ve ever had bed bugs, then you already know how difficult it can be to find them. You may wake up with redness and itching every morning, yet when you check your bed, you can’t seem to locate even a single one. This is because bed bugs are small and flat, giving them the ability to squeeze into tight spaces and avoid detection. Since a heat treatment gets into cracks and crevices, too, the bed bugs can no longer stay safe.

Safer for Sensitive Household Members

Chemical pesticides that are often used to get rid of insects can cause problems for sensitive household members, including children and pets, because of their toxic nature. A heat bed bug treatment is a type of eco-friendly pest control, which means there’s no chemicals involved and nothing that could naturally affect anyone in the home. You also don’t need to worry about the heat itself, because the treatment will be done when no one’s at home and the household will be returned to its normal temperature before you arrive back.

No Fear of Damaging Your Home

If you’re worried about your home’s temperature being raised above 120° F, we can definitely put your mind at ease. A lot of people are concerned about their electronic equipment, but those types of devices are safe above the temperatures that a heat treatment will deliver. There are certain items that you’ll want to remove prior to the treatment, which will be explained to you by your chosen pest control company before your appointment.

Contact ProHealth for a Heat Bed Bug Treatment

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