Fall Pest Control: What Pests will Be Emerging in Florida Soon?

Fall pest control is vital to the overall health of your property.

Residential and commercial pest control are important to tackle all year round. It can often seem as soon as you’ve become accustomed to one set of pests, others appear in greater numbers. This is often the result of changing weather from one season to the next, and the fall season is certainly not exempt from this effect.

If you want to reduce the number of creepy critters invading your home or business, then it’s important that you focus on fall pest control tactics. Today, we’re going to take a look at which pests will be emerging in Florida soon, the importance of professional pest control, and a few simple do-it-yourself tactics that you can utilize between exterminator visits.

Florida Pests Increase During the Fall

It’s important that you stay vigilant about all types of pests no matter what season it is, but there are definitely a few that will begin to emerge more frequently during the fall season. This typically occurs because of the cooler weather and an increase in vegetation, both of which increase movement among certain pests. These are the five most common critters that are likely to present a bigger problem:

  • Rodents — Mice and rats will chew through anything, which often leads to food contamination, damage to wiring, and other problems.
  • Termites — These wood-eating insects aren’t as active during the winter, so the fall may be their last-ditch effort to damage your home.
  • Ants — Often seen as a summer insect, ants are typically just as active during the fall, if not more so.
  • Lawn — Grubs Once the cooler weather hits, these damaging bugs will start coming out in droves.
  • Spiders — Arachnids aren’t particularly averse to the heat, but they’re more likely to come out in the fall.

Why Professional Fall Pest Control Is Best

While some pests are little more than annoying or gross, others can make you and your family sick or possibly cause damage to your property. If you truly want your home or business to be pest-free, it’s always best that you enlist the help of a professional extermination company. Not only do they have many years of experience and all of the required equipment, but they’ll also use organic pest control methods that are safe and effective for the environment, household members, vegetation, and pets.

 Fall Pest Control Between Pro Appointments

As important as it is to schedule professional assistance with fall pest control, you definitely don’t want to sit back and allow rodents and insects to run amok between visits. Left unchecked, just a few pests could turn into a full-blown infestation in a short period of time.

To help reduce the chances of this happening, follow these simple tips:

  • Seal Up Entry Points — Insects and rodents will often enter your home through holes and gaps. Seal up any potential entry points to curtail this.
  • Remove Standing Water — Leaving a source of water outside your home is a surefire way to attract pests. Remove any standing water as often as possible.
  • Maintain Landscaping — Overgrown vegetation will attract a variety of insects. Try to stick to a regular landscaping maintenance schedule.
  • Eliminate Food Sources — In addition to water sources, pests are obviously attracted to food, too. Remove vegetation that isn’t absolutely necessary.
  • Remove Dead Wood — If your yard has any dead wood, such as rotted tree stumps or lots of branches, termites are sure to follow. Remove it right away.

Contact Prohealth for Effective Fall Pest Control

The best way to handle fall pest control in Clearwater is to hire a professional company that you can trust. Prohealth Pest Control has proven itself as a reputable company that specializes in termite control, rodent control, cockroach control, bed bug control, and all other extermination needs. To learn about our organic pest control methods or to schedule our services, reach out by calling (727) 308-2543 to schedule a no-cost consultation.