Dealing With a Cockroach Infestation

How professionals eliminate cockroaches.

A cockroach infestation has the potential to permanently ruin your living or working space. The manner in which the infestation is handled will determine whether the problem worsens, stagnates, or resolves. Your best course of action is to reach out to pest control professionals to eliminate roaches from your property for good.

A Quick Look at Cockroaches

Roaches are nocturnal creatures. They group in warm spaces that are dark. They prefer narrow areas with surfaces that can touch them on each side. Roaches move quite well along the walls and edges of surfaces.

Adult female cockroaches carry their egg capsule from the tip of their abdomen. Some cockroaches carry their egg capsule for a 30-day incubation period and drop it when the eggs hatch. Certain roaches drop it in an acceptable location where it can incubate for weeks or months. Young cockroaches then proceed through a metamorphosis. They might resemble fully grown cockroaches yet lack wings.

The Path to Elimination

Eliminating cockroaches is easier said than done. The first step is to pinpoint the location of the cockroaches. Once their hiding spot is identified, the control program will prove that much more effective. Keep in mind roaches love warm hiding spaces. Any area with access to water will prove especially attractive.

Cracks, pathways, conduits, and spaces beneath doors to serve as easy traveling paths for roaches to invade your home. Note all possible points of entry and communicate them to the pest removal team.

In general, the typical roach spray will not take care of the problem. Even baits alone will not get the job done.

Food and Water Sources Must Be Eliminated

Cockroaches will return to spaces that provide shelter, food, and water. Any space with these three elements will inevitably attract roaches. Your home or area of business must be properly sanitized so roaches aren’t attracted to the conditions that promote continued infestation.

All areas by the stove, cupboard cracks, crawl spaces, and water heaters should be kept perfectly clean.  Roaches will invade the kitchen at night, so make sure all dirty dishes and leftover food are either cleaned or stored in the appropriate manner.

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