5 Pests That Can Be Dangerous to Your Pets

What pests can be dangerous to your pets?

Whether you know people with furry friends at home or are a parent yourself to some dogs and cats, there is no denying the joy that pets can bring to our lives. They keep you company, add warmth to your home, and provide more opportunities to get outside and socialize.

However, as fun as it can be to go on regular walks with your pets or let them lounge around at home, they are vulnerable to parasites and pests. Regardless of where your pets stay, some pests or parasites are likely to be lurking in the shadows. Even if your pets stay indoors, pests can still make their way into your home.

It is crucial to stay vigilant when grooming your furry friends, since dangerous pests are no laughing matter. If left unchecked, they can cause severe pain, allergic reactions, and other health risks. So, to avoid these unwanted situations, check out the five most common pests that can be dangerous to your pets.


Fleas are undoubtedly the most common pests affecting your dogs and cats. Even if you use organic pest control, you may find them coming back repeatedly since animals like squirrels and strays can quickly transport them from one neighborhood to another. Unfortunately, fleas can cause your pets to itch for days if they are sensitive to bites.

While fleas may initially sound harmless, their bites can cause allergic dermatitis and anemia. In more severe cases, they can potentially even transmit fatal tapeworms to your pets. If you start to see your dogs and cats scratching more than usual, you should comb them down and check to see if any dark brown or black insects are nesting in their fur.

If you see fleas lingering in your pets’ fur, immediately start flea treatment. These pests can quickly multiply and jump from pet to pet, so it is critical to catch them early.


Fleas and ticks often go together, with the latter being the bigger and nastier of the two. Ticks are notorious for being tiny bloodsuckers and causing bites that balloon to enormous sizes if you ignore them. Even worse, some people do not know that pets are not the only victims of pests, as they also latch onto and bite humans.

Ticks are extremely dangerous pests because they are known to carry many diseases that they can transmit to their hosts. Some examples include Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease, which can cause severely debilitating effects on you and your furry friends. The moment you notice ticks, you should seek medical or veterinary treatment and call professionals to get rid of the pests in your home.


Next on the list of dangerous pests for your pets are ants. Like fleas, ants may seem like no problem at first glance. However, many underestimate the risk they carry since these pests often travel in colonies, and you will rarely see just one in your home. While most ants can be harmful in some ways, fire ants are one of the most dangerous for your furry friends.

These ants are especially concerning for your pets’ well-being because they can cause major allergic reactions from just a few bites. In contrast, it would take several bites for other ants to cause significant injury to your pets.

Specifically, fire ants can cause your pets to experience vomiting, weakness, and respiratory issues. Unfortunately, these pests also often attack in groups, leading to worse consequences.


As bothersome as they can be, mosquitoes pose a huge danger to all dogs and cats, especially those with short coats or no fur. They are a year-round pest that can spread parasites and sicknesses like heartworms or the West Nile virus.

When it comes to mosquitoes, the easiest way to minimize them is to stop them from spawning. It will be easier and less problematic to deal with an occasional mosquito bite than a whole swarm of them.

If you notice more mosquitoes lurking around your home, try to check for signs of standing water and get rid of them. You can also contact specialists to conduct a more thorough inspection.


Last on the list, and potentially the most dangerous, are spiders. Ironically, spiders can help you eliminate pests, but that does not make them safer. You should keep your eyes out for highly venomous spiders such as the Black Widow or the Brown Recluse, as they can be a lethal threat to small dogs and cats.

Work with Specialists to Keep Your Pets Safe from Pests

No matter where you go, dangerous pests are lurking everywhere. Ticks, fleas, and ants can swarm your furry friends; spiders can pounce on them, and mosquitoes will always come and go. While you can clean your home regularly to keep the pests in check, it will ultimately be best to call specialists for residential or commercial pest control. Call ProHealth today at 727-888-6253 and get started with a free consultation.