What Kind of Damage can Florida Carpenter Ants Cause?

What damage will carpenter ants cause in your home?

Carpenter ant infestations are becoming more common in the US, causing major problems for home and property owners in general. While carpenter ants are generally considered to be harmless, one specific species called the Florida carpenter ant is perhaps the biggest source of complaints in homes.

While these ants may seem small, carpenter ant damage caused by this species is known to be one of the most severe compared to damage from other ants that thrive on structural wood.

Carpenter ants share similarities with termites in that they create their nests in damp areas that are close to wood and gradually hollow the wood out, causing structural damage over time.

Treating these infestations is crucial since leaving infestations to grow can cause significant carpenter ant damage, making it important to take charge of your pest control maintenance.

Signs of Carpenter Ant Damage

A carpenter ant infestation can often go unnoticed, especially if you are not aware of how they look or how you can detect activity. However, knowing the signs of carpenter ant damage is so important because it usually accumulates over the years, and you may not even realize it. The earlier you can address the problem, the less costly the consequences will be.

Some of the common signs of carpenter ant infestations include:

  • Ant workers foraging for food around your home
  • Piles of wood shavings and sawdust
  • Faint rustling noises or inside woodwork, which may indicate carpenter ants burrowing into their nests
  • Ants coming out or emerging from crevices, hidden spots, ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Discarded or shed wings that come from ant swarms

The signs above are just some of the possible indications of a carpenter ant infestation, but it is extra challenging to detect this accurately since carpenter ants may sometimes appear without notice. One day, you may have a peaceful home free of ants, but without any prior notice, you may be greeted with a massive colony the next day.

Ultimately, getting a professional to inspect your home and check for possible carpenter ant damage is the best way to be proactive about potential infestations. Preventive maintenance is the best way to keep those Florida carpenter ants away from any part of your home, and in most cases, having a professional perform pest control will be best to ensure it is done correctly.

Distinguishing Between Florida Carpenter Ants and Termites

Carpenter ant and termite infestations can cause damage to your home but knowing how to distinguish the two is important to choose the right treatment. First, it is important to know how these pests look. Florida carpenter ants can vary in size, but they are typically red or black ants with a reddish-brown or sometimes even a rusty orange head and thorax. Termites, on the other hand, are less visible, do not have an abdomen, and have much longer wings.

Carpenter ants and termites both thrive on wood and a moist environment, but ants cannot digest wood cellulose, so they burrow into wood, build nests there, and make food edible through moisture. Typically, termite damage is evident through ragged and muddy tunnels since the termites chew through wood and destroy them without you noticing.

On the other hand, carpenter ant tunnels are usually smoother but also hard to detect. In fact, it can take years before you notice carpenter ants causing any significant damage to your home. This makes it so important to schedule professional inspections regularly to ensure that there are no hidden ants lingering in your place.

If you suspect some type of pest activity in your home but are not sure what pest you may be dealing with, you can call pest control professionals to examine the situation. Identifying the issue correctly is important to choose the right treatment to resolve it.

Resolve Carpenter Ant Problems with Pest Control Services

Doing regular maintenance with pest control can protect your home from structural damage and other types of carpenter ant damage. Suspect an infestation or not sure about how you can inspect your home yourself? Schedule a consultation with ProHealth Pest Control today by contacting us at 727-308-2543.

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