What to Do if You Learn a Hotel Has a Bed Bug Infestation

What to do if the hotel you are staying in has a bed bug infestation.

The last thing you want to have happen on your fun-filled family vacation or professional business trip is to find bed bugs in your hotel room. Bed bug-infested hotels are no joke, so today we’re going to explain what you should do in this unfortunate situation.

What to Do When You Arrive at the Hotel

If a hotel room ends up having bed bugs, there’s not a lot you can do about it, but there are ways to avoid problems before and after you arrive.

Here are a few things that we suggest:

  • Check the Reviews — Look at reviews on sites like Yelp to see if anyone has posted about a recent bed bug infestation at the hotel. Hotels typically resolve bed bug problems right away, so give them a call and ask if it’s been taken care of.
  • Examine the Room — Always examine the room, particularly the hotel bed itself. Check the mattress and box spring, in addition to the headboard, for physical specimens or red or brown stains.
  • Use Plastic Covers — Even if you don’t see any physical signs of bed bugs when you arrive, you don’t want to take the risk. We recommend traveling with a plastic bed bug cover that you can place over the mattress.

Warning Signs of Bed Bugs at the Hotel

Just because your initial room inspection didn’t turn up any signs doesn’t guarantee it’s free of bed bugs. When you wake up in the morning, be sure to be on the lookout for these things:

  • Red, Itchy Spots — Above all the other signs, finding red, itchy spots is the most common. These will typically be found on your arms, legs, chest, and stomach.
  • Discolored Sheets — Bed bugs are messy eaters, so they may drop a little of your blood, causing red spots on the sheets. They may also leave behind feces, which will result in darkish red or brown stains.
  • Musty Odor — You may notice a musty odor caused by a bed bug infestation. This is probably something you’ll notice when you first walk in the door. However, if you’re staying at the hotel for a while, this might crop up while you’re there.

What to Do If You Find Signs of Bed Bugs

When you find a fly, spider, or even a single roach, you may be able to fix the problem simply by getting rid of it. This isn’t possible with a bed bug-infested hotel room. Here’s what you should do:

  • Request a New Room — The most obvious thing you want to do if you find signs of bed bugs is to inform the hotel staff and get a new room. Bed bugs are known to travel to rooms next door, so find one that isn’t near your original room.
  • Request a Discount — Some hotels may automatically give you a discount if you find bed bugs, but it’s up to you to decide if you want to ask for one if they don’t. Keep in mind that bed bugs are hard to detect and they could have shown up due to the last person who stayed in the room.
  • Examine Your Luggage — Whether you find bed bugs and switch to a new room or not, you should examine your luggage before you leave. This will help ensure that you don’t take any bed bugs back home with you.

What to Do When You Arrive Back Home

Since getting bed bugs in your home is the last thing you want to happen, you need to protect yourself even if you’re positive that you didn’t bring any back with you. Follow these simple steps and you’ll keep your household safe:

  • Examine Your Luggage, Again — Yes, we know that we already told you to examine your luggage before you leave the hotel room, but it’s very important. When you get back home, check all of the folds, pockets, etc.
  • Isolate Clothes — Even if you don’t find any signs of bed bugs, it never hurts to isolate your clothes. Throw all of them into a garbage bag and take them immediately to the laundry room.
  • Wash Clothes Right Away — Throw your separated clothes into a wash cycle ASAP. Washing your clothes at a high temperature will kill any bed bugs, larva, or eggs that might be hiding.

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