Bed Bug Hiding Paces: Where do Bed Bugs Hide?

Learn where bed bugs love to hide

Bed bugs are absolutely horrid creatures. They creep around at night in places where we often sleep isn’t enough to sicken you, then maybe their lifecycle consisting of ingesting blood will do the trick? Where do bed bugs hide that you may never have considered before? Today, we’re going to explore both typical and unique bed bug hiding places which should illustrate the reasons for proper pest control.

Home Furniture

The obvious place that bed bugs love to hide is inside various pieces of furniture found in homes, which is why residential pest control is so important. The most common, of course, are beds, which allow them to be in close proximity to us while we sleep so that they can feast without being noticed. However, there are also plenty of nooks and crannies in couches, recliners, and similar types of furniture.

Office Furniture

If you thought that your place of work was a safe haven from bed bugs, we’re unfortunately going to have to dispel that myth right now. Bed bugs can make their way to office furniture such as couches and chairs that are located in waiting rooms, break rooms, cubicles, private offices, and conference rooms. That’s why you must never leave bed bugs off your list of pests that need to be addressed with commercial pest control services.

Purses and Satchels

Bed bugs love to hitch a ride from one place to another so that they can spread their infestation. These insects can easily find their way inside a large variety of purses, satchels, gym bags, and more. If you put any of these items down when visiting somewhere, make sure that they are sealed up so that nothing can crawl inside. Remember that it’s always best to do a quick look in the bag just to be sure.

School and Public Buses

Buses carry a lot of people around every single day and there’s no way to know exactly how many people have sat in your chosen seat since it was last cleaned. Any bed bugs that have attached themselves to a person’s clothing can easily crawl out and squeeze into the folds of a seat as they await their next victim. This goes for both public and school buses, so be sure that you’re examining your child if there’s a concern, too.

Electrical Areas

When asking where do bed bugs hide, consider places where you least expect them. Bed bugs will sometimes crawl into the slots of an electrical outlet, which allows them access into your walls so they can go from room to room. You can avoid this by sealing any cracks or gaps around the perimeter of the outlet and placing a cover into any slots that don’t have a plug inside them.

Airplane Seats

Airplanes are most likely cleaned more often than buses, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be concerned. People who occupy airplanes can be coming from absolutely anywhere and may harbor bed bugs in either their clothes or maybe even a carry-on. It never hurts to examine the seat and then check your clothes after departing.

Hotel Rooms and Luggage

To go with what we were saying above, it’s always important that you check your luggage and any type of travel bag that you’re carrying with you while on vacation. Of course, hotel rooms make excellent bed bug hiding places because there are so many beds, chairs, and other pieces of furniture around.

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