Are Spiders Beneficial? Tips for Spider Control

Are Spiders Beneficial for a Home or Business?

Spiders are an interesting part of our world. Some people view them as good luck, while others see them as a bad omen. We make giant spider movies where an arachnid terrorizes a small town while also making films about a young man infused with spider-like superpowers who saves the universe over and over again.

We’ve heard a great question from many of our customers over the years… are spiders beneficial? Although a spider infestation is something you want to avoid, the truth is that spiders are beneficial for homes and businesses because they kill insects. In fact, many properties would be overrun by insects very quickly if spiders weren’t around.

Spiders Keep Other Harmful Pests Under Control

Most spiders are harmless and not a threat to humans. In fact, it’s been said that if all of the spiders on the planet were to suddenly disappear, many human beings would starve because insects would be able to decimate our crops. This is why some homeowners and business owners are apprehensive about killing every single spider they see. But, in some situations, extermination is the best route.

When to Hire an Expert for Spider Control

Spiders may be beneficial in a lot of circumstances, but they can definitely get out of control very quickly. Here are three common reasons why you may want to hire a pest control expert for spider control at your home or business:

  • Dangerous Spiders — Despite the fact that black widow spiders aren’t aggressive and rarely bite, they can still be a concern. The same is true with other highly venomous spiders, such as the brown recluse spider, which is known to be aggressive.
  • Kids and Pets — A big reason why homeowners will call a pest control expert to get rid of spiders is because they have kids or pets. While adults can typically steer clear of spiders, children and animals aren’t always careful about their surroundings.
  • Overwhelming Number — Even if you’re not afraid of spiders and want to keep some around so they can kill bugs, it’s easy for an infestation to number in the hundreds or thousands. If you have this many spiders on your property, you may want to call an expert.

How to Prevent Spiders from Entering Your Home

Luckily, there are several techniques that will help you prevent spiders from entering your home, either before you call an expert or after an extermination has been done.

Here are a few simple things you can do:

  • Natural Repellents — There are several different natural repellents that you can use to keep spiders away. Some include chestnuts, peppermint oil, and cedar. Just spread one or more of these items in the areas where you’ve seen spiders, and this will help take care of the problem.
  • Remove Spider Webs — Many spiders rely on the use of webs to capture their prey. When you remove spider webs from your property, there’s a good chance that the spiders won’t stick around.
  • Seal Entry Points — Even large spiders, except tarantulas, are quite small and can squeeze into small cracks and gaps. Look for any entry points, including the edges of your doors and windows, and seal them with weather-stripping or caulk.
  • Install Window Screens — Most homes have some kind of screen on their windows, but they can get damaged or removed. Check to make sure that each window has a functional screen, which will help keep arachnids out of your home.
  • Remove Clutter — Spiders are notorious for hiding among clutter such as cardboard boxes, old papers, etc. Removing these areas of clutter will make it harder for spiders to stay hidden.
  • Call a Professional — If your spider problem is one of the three we’ve listed above or you simply don’t like spiders on your property, call a professional exterminator. He or she will visit your home, analyze the situation, and provide you with a proper spider control plan.

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