5 Interesting Facts about Spiders and Spider Control

Spiders are a necessary part of the ecosystem. Here are some interesting facts about spiders!

Spiders are certainly a curious type of creature. These arachnids are necessary for the planet’s ecosystem, but they also scare a lot of people. That’s probably why there have been so many monster movies made about them!
Pest removal services are often needed when spiders have become too plentiful around your home or business. This is especially true when you’re dealing with venomous ones such as the black widow. To understand the complex fascination and fear that people often have with these arachnids, let’s take a look at six interesting facts about spiders and spider control:

Humans Could Go Extinct Without Spiders

Spider control on your property is important, especially if there’s an infestation, but we definitely don’t want to get rid of all the spiders on the planet. Each spider eats approximately 2000 insects per year. If they all disappeared, our crops would be decimated by insects in just a few short years. If not extinction, it would definitely cause severe famine.

You’re Usually Less Than 10 Feet Away from One

We don’t want to alarm you with this set of interesting facts about spiders, but each acre of land contains an average of one million spiders at any given time. This means that no matter where you are, it’s rare for you to be more than 10 feet away from one or, more likely, several of them. Unless you’re in Antarctica, which is the only continent that doesn’t have any spiders.

No, You Don’t Swallow Spiders While Sleeping

There has been a “fact” going around for many years that each person swallows an average of five, six, seven, etc. spiders each year. You’ll be glad to know that this is nothing more than a myth. Not only do spiders typically stay away from humans when were sleeping because they see us more like landscape. A spider would have no reason to crawl into a person’s mouth, even if it was wide open.

Scientists Have Made Spiders Explode

Scientists have been always been fascinated by spiders, but they discovered that when they tried to examine the brain of a jumping spider, the arachnid would explode. That’s because this particular spider is filled with a pressurized liquid that gives the creature its leaping ability. So, when they would poke it with a surgical instrument – BOOM!

Many Species Look a Lot Like Ants

There are more than 100 species of spiders that have evolved to resemble the appearance of ants and use similar pheromones. Most of them use this mimicry to evade predators in the area that have no interest in devouring ants. Some of them, though, will use their appearance to prey on ants.

Yes, a (Mostly) Vegetarian Spider Exists

Spiders are well-known for being carnivorous predators with voracious appetites. However, a single species in Central America mostly lives off of protein-rich buds on the leaves of trees. This is their primary food source, but if food becomes scarce, they will feast on ant larvae or even cannibalize each other.

Daddy Long Legs Aren’t Always Spiders

Daddy long legs are quite common in various parts of the United States and most people immediately think they’re spiders when they come into contact with one. However, there’s a very good chance that what you’ve thought was a daddy longlegs spider was actually an arachnid called harvestmen. The telltale difference is that a harvestman only has one body segment whereas spiders have two.

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